10 Guaranteed Ways to Keep You from Making a Difference

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10 Ways Summary

The need to make a difference is one of the most
significant motivators of human behavior.

  • We want to make an Impact.
  • We need to make an Impact.
  • We’re deep-wired to make an Impact.

Then why don’t we?

Or, more precisely, why don’t we make the impact we know we’re capable of making?

Why do we do so many things that stand in the way of the difference that only we can make? Why do we habitually and consistently throw up obstacles to our personal and professional success?

Not incidentally-  most of us  know when we’re standing in our own way!

Over the past 20+ years, the overwhelming majority of my coaching clients have been taught how to articulate exactly why they’re not doing the very things they need to do to get more life satisfaction and fulfillment.

Yet the behaviors or, more often, the lack of behaviors persist. Yes, it’s the things we don’t do, the things we avoid or procrastinate on, which are the very things that would make the most difference.

Are you wondering what things YOU do that prevent you from making a difference?

Here’s a handy dandy cheat sheet on the
10 Guaranteed Ways to Keep You from Making a Difference.

Knowing what you do and don’t do is key to your success. Check out a few examples below!

#4  If you’re in sales and you don’t risk rejection, then you’ll never be a champion salesperson. Ever. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve your sales quota once you’ve worked through your low-hanging fruit list.

#1  If you’re a wanna-be author and you perpetually go to book stores and compare yourself to other authors, you’re either never going to start your book, or you’ll edit it for 10 years.

#9  If you’re an entrepreneur working on a big presentation, and perfectionism disguised as professionalism is your thing, then that prospective client is going to hire someone else before you get that slide deck done.

Take a look- which things do you do that guarantee you will never have the impact you’re built for? Did I leave anything out? Please let me know.

CONFESSION:  My big ones are #1 and #9.

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