10 Steps to Succeed at Every Goal

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Guns have always scared the crap out of me. Until recently, that is!

Yeah, yeah, yeah “It’s not the guns, it’s the people….” Well, guess what?! It’s both!

My desire to learn how to shoot was born out of the creepy thought that if I ever needed to handle a gun to keep my family safe, I wouldn’t know how.

That’s not my style. Time to learn. (Apparently I’ve been watching waayyyy to much NCIS and Criminal Minds. Thanks, Mom.)

Like you, I’ve heard every quote in the book relating goals to targets. What I discovered is that many of these platitudes are actually TRUE. Who knew!

In just a few hours I learned that there’s nothing like a paper target and a .45 to teach you everything you need to know about setting and reaching your goals.

And if YOU have a vision for success, then YOU need to know what I just learned.

1.    Get expert help

      Experience trumps everything: You not only need to learn what to do but, more importantly, you
MUST learn what NOT to do.

2.    Follow a time-proven formula

If you don’t think you can do that, then either you’re not ready to achieve your goal or you’ve selected the wrong teacher.

3.    Prepare

      The YouTube videos I watched prepared me for The Captain’s half-hour,one-on-one tutorial on Gunology 101 that, in turn, prepared me for the shooting range.

      Enough happens that you can’t prepare for, so the things you can prepare for you should.

4.    Focus

      Look straight ahead at your target (financial freedom, a healthy weight,increased confidence, etc.).     Do NOT look behind you. Do NOT let your mind wander off your target. Ignore all distractions. The goal in front of you deserves your utmost attention and respect.

5.    Pull the trigger

      No amount of reading or talking about it beats actual experience. At some point you need to just take action (or, in my case, shoot the damn gun).

6.    Take your time

      Sometimes you’ll need to stop, collect yourself, analyze your results, revisit #2, and then continue. Your other alternative would be to give up. That’s not why you’re reading this.

7.    Be Flexible

      Your first strategy to achieve your goal may not be the best one, so stay open and be flexible. Initially I went for the ‘sissy’ gun, the .22 German Sporting Pistol. It felt safe, comfortable, and manageable.

      Curiously, I didn’t shoot nearly as well with that .22 as I did with the big, bad .45 Kimber M911 Officers model. (BTW, my new moniker is Pistol Queen!)

      In other words, I was able to handle a lot more power than I thought I could. Yes, so can YOU!


My very first target!

8.    Don’t compare yourself

      There will be writers who write better than you. There will be speakers who speak better than you. And there will be many people who will earn more money than you do.

      Focus on YOUR goals and you won’t care about any of that. Remember: there is no one who will care more about your successfully reaching your goals than YOU do!

    9. Goal achievement is incremental

      Don’t expect perfection. Sometimes you’ll hit your target the first time. Sometimes you’ll have to try 101 times. It matters only to your ego.

      Go for the base hits; not just the home runs.

      Focus, aim, fire, repeat and repeat and repeat. Each time you will increase your approximation to your goal. Promise.

10. Acknowledge yourself

You tried something new. It was scary, intimidating. You risked looking stupid. You risked failing. You didn’t. Celebrate!

If you don’t have a target, you need to get one right away.

            (you don’t want to keep meandering through your life, do you?)

If you haven’t yet hit the target you have, I can show you how to get it done.

            (if you could have done it on your own, you already would have!)   


My passion is to support you to identify YOUR goals, create a strategy,Nancy Solomon-135 implement action steps and most of all, SUCCEED!

I have twenty-five years of experience coaching people just like you to conquer their limiting beliefs and create a joyful, successful life based on their highest and best contribution!

Let me show you how I can make an IMPACT on your life, so you can go out and make a BIG difference in the world. Click Here to learn about my 1-1 coaching program. Or contact me directly at nancy@nancydsolomon.com, 425.429.3636.

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8 thoughts on “10 Steps to Succeed at Every Goal

  1. Nancy,

    Absolutely outstanding! Thank you for taking the time to learn about firearms and what a responsible owner has the obligation to learn. As a former FBI SWAT and Police Instructor, I commend you for your willingness to express positive attributes of firearms ownership.

    Tim Morris, PhD

  2. Tim,
    Thank you for taking the time to comment. ‘The Captain’ was in the Marines for 22 years and was an extraordinary teacher!

    The beautiful part, of course, was learning more about what I ‘do’ for a living (empower people to empower themselves) by taking on something I’d been afraid of. What we fear, owns us! And given all the conversation about gun ownership in our country, I was no longer willing to be afraid.

    So while it ‘looked’ as though I were getting a firearms lesson it was, of course, so much more than that!


  3. Everyone takes their little fears that feel oh-so-big to them, and projects them out in to the world expecting the world to change and cater to them. Nonsense. People need to grow up and go FACE THEIR FEARS, me included, just like anyone else. Isn’t that each of our “jobs” in each of our lives?

    That being said, in my view, nobody’s opinion on guns means anything at all unless they have actually ever fired a few different models by doing exactly what you did. Heaven forbid that they shoot a few rounds and find out it’s no big deal. Just part of life in a free country. (For now anyway, until all the cowards allow the tyrants of the world to victimize them and strip them of ALL their freedoms.) FACE YOUR FEARS and nobody can take that level of self-reliance, self-respect, and self-pride away.

  4. Perry,
    I missed my mark! I used the story of my shooting range experience as a metaphor for hitting our targets in our lives; for achieving our goals. Yes, I overcame a major fear of mine in order to demonstrate something to myself, but the lessons I learned that day will apply to many other situations for the rest of my life.

    My opinion around guns remains the same: they can be used as tools or as weapons. Enough said.


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