11 Ways to Go From Average to Awesome TODAY

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superhero-534120_1920You’re awesome! You know you are, and so does everyone who knows you well. So why do you often feel just, well, average? It’s darn right insulting, I tell you!

The answer is more simple than you think …..


The distance between average and awesome
is measured in tiny increments of effort.

Successful, happy, awesome people are willing to go one little, itsy bitsy step further than the rest of the crowd. That’s it!

Like love, awesome is in the details.

Here’s a few ways to get your awesome back—you’ll be surprised at how easy these are and how great you’ll feel.

1. Be early

On time is the new late

2. Go paperless

Learn how here: PC Magazine and Video and Video

3. Use Ma’am and Sir

Old-fashioned manners are underrated

4. Respect your YES and your NO

If you don’t, how will anyone else?

5. Hold the door open for someone

See #3

6. Bring your admin flowers, candy, a coffee card
(when it’s not Admin Appreciation Day)

Anyone can deliver flowers on a Hallmark Day

7. Write a hand-written note for no reason

The impact will be immeasurable

8. Start learning a new language today –
one word every day for a year

Your brain will thank you

9. High-five yourself for any job well-done

Others will treat you as you treat you

10. Defend someone who can’t defend themselves

Simply because you can

11. Apologize to someone for whom it’s long overdue

Yes, in a phone call: Any average sissy can send an email



Make everyone’s day awesome- Pick up after your dog, even if no one’s watching

Have you ever slipped on…. Oh never mind

We’d love to hear from you- which ones did you try? What worked? What didn’t? What did you add to this list?

Please leave your comments below and, of course, share this with your tribe—they long to be awesome too!

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