The 17 Words You Need to Succeed

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  1. Accountability
    Your ownership of the outcome, no matter what
  2. Authenticity
    The full expression of your uniqueness
  3. Commitment
    The promise you are and the promise you’ve made
  4. Communication
    The relationship between yourself,  the message and everything else
  5. Contribution
    What your soul gives away
  6. Core-values
    The immutable piece of who you are, and what you stand for
  7. Engaged
    Your immersion or preoccupation with a point of passion
  8. Impact
    The difference you make
  9. Inspire
    The influence you have on yourself and others when you act out of the divinity within you
  10. Integrity
    The alignment of your words, thoughts and deeds
  11. Intentional
    Your deliberate, unwavering focus
  12. Intuitive
    Your instinctive response, independent of reasoning
  13. Passionate
    The intense positive emotion you experience, as a result of being on purpose in your life
  14. Purpose-driven
    Doing your ‘job’, in the biggest sense of the word
  15. Transparent
    To be clear and apparent without guile, hidden agenda or misrepresentation
  16. Trust
    Your confidence in, and reliance on your intuitive intelligence
  17. Truth
    You conformity with your beliefs or current paradigm





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