3 BIG Reasons to Shamelessly Promote the Things That Are Important to You!

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I have an agenda today.

It consists of three items:

  1. To show you that when you ‘give’, you get more than the recipients of your gifts ever will
  2. To persuade that you must invest in yourself wisely if you’re to be the best version of you! (And to take a good, hard conscious look at the Authentic Business Success Summit, and all that this investment will give to you)
  3. To convince you that it’s vital to your success and your life that you not only talk about your values, but that you live them!  (and to raise as much as money as possible for my favorite charity, Room To Read)

1. Giving is Getting

When we give of ourselves, (regardless of whether it’s our resources, time or energy) it looks to the world and to the recipient(s) as though we are doing something for them; we are selflessly contributing to their cause, their lives, their needs.

This is NOT the microscopic truth.

The primary motivation we have whenever we give anything, is because we like the way it makes us feel. That’s right, it really is all about us.

Giving to charity, giving to something that’s really important to us, helps us know that we’re having an impact and making a difference. Which, BTW, is one of the biggest drivers of human behavior. A secondary benefit of our giving, is that another person, organization or cause is getting something they need.

When we give, promote, share or advocate for a cause that’s important to us, what we’re actually doing is engaging our life purpose, our best and highest contribution, our values. I can’t think of anything more important, can you?

Think about it…. there are thousands of causes that need your support–  why do you pick the ones you pick? Because there’s something this cause is up to that forms a solid line straight to your heart!

2. Investing in yourself, is an investment in the world

You can only give back what you have. If you’re playing small in the game of life– if you’re not fully using your potential –then you won’t be able to make the contribution to the world that you’re capable of making, and that the world (and you) deserves.

If you’re using your potential, and doing everything you can to live your biggest and best version of yourself, then you’ll be equipped to make a very worthwhile and valuable contribution. Which, vis-a-vis #1 above will make you feel simply superb! Yes, it really is that simple.

Everyone I’ve ever met has, at some point, needed help turning their “What if… into What is.” This help might come in the way of a new perspective, strategy, tactic or, perhaps, a different mind set– a mindset of success.

Whatever investment you make in yourself more fully equips you to give back. This is how the world is changing– one person at a time investing in themselves. Hey, guess what? You’re one person.

Amber Ludwig has gathered together 15 of the world’s most talented and successful entrepreneurs to share their expertise with you. You can find out more about the Authentic Business Success Summit by clicking on this link. In addition to 15 hours of content-rich videos, you’ll also GET for only $197.00 (50% of which goes to charity- see #3 below).

  • Training from TOP 6-to-8-figure earners for life
  • Access to our FB Group where the speakers and Amber give free advice DAILY
  • More than $5,700 of business-building bonuses
  • Ability to vote for the $10,000 charity winner
  • 1/2 of your registration goes straight to charity (see #3)
  • Backed by a 30-day complete money-back guarantee
  • Get answers to the questions you’re asking in your business right now

Want a sample?A taste of what your investment will get you?

Please visit my mini sales page right now and check out my complete one hour interview on Intuitive Intelligence . For $17.00 (less than one dinner!) you can learn How to Use Your Intuitive Intelligence to Lead, Inspire and Transform Yourself, Your Work and Your World . Just click on this link.

3. When you live your values, you live authentically, powerfully and impact-fully

World change starts with educated children (you do want the world to change for the better, don’t you?







Why do I shamelessly promote Room To Read? 793 million people in the world cannot read or write.  A child born to a literate mother is twice as likely to survive past age five. Room to Read is changing the face of the world, including Asia. My daughter is from Asia. Yes, it really is that simple. If you click here, you can watch a 1:36 minute video of me talking about Room to Read.

Here’s what Room To Read has accomplished in only 13 years (founded in 2000)

  • Established 16,060 libraries
  • Constructed 1,752 schools
  • Benefited 8.8 million children
  • Distributed 13, 387,051 books
  • Educated 25,703 girls
  • Published 885 books


Invest in yourself (see #1)
Invest in your clients, friends, family & community (see #2)
Invest in your values (see #3)

I’d love to hear your comments! Please watch the video and order your copy of the Authentic Business Success Summit. I personally guarantee that it’s value is 100 times what you’ll pay and, remember 50% goes to charity.



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