Ain’t Misbehavin’…… Oh, yes you are!

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We can be an embarrassing lot, us Americans. We confuse sex with intimacy, romance with relationship, lies with leadership and democracy with….. well that’s for another blog.

I have a fierce love and loyalty for my country. I have a loathing for the scandals that now occur more than once in a while. While I’m in no way naïve to the ways of the world, I am angry about the price I am forced to pay when someone in office can’t keep his pants on, his hands out of the till, or his vote where his voice is.

What was Edwards thinking? You want to have an affair, you want to cheat on your wife of 30 years, you want to ruin the political career you’ve spent half your life building, you want to humiliate everyone you say you love…. well, as they say, it’s your life. And while all that is certainly your prerogative, my professional opinion would be for you to get yourself into counseling right away. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00…. high tail it to the nearest psychotherapist before your ego obliterates the rest of your life (and ours, I might add).

It is tragic that Elizabeth has incurable cancer. Having lost many close relatives and friends to cancer, my heart and prayers go out to both her and her loved ones. That she is terminally ill, is sad beyond words. That the depth of his bad behavior is measured by the timing of her diagnosis and illness is pathetic.

She’s sick. He had an affair. Neither have anything to do with one another. Affairs are not about sex. Affairs are about power, or lack thereof. By indulging his whim and ego in the former, he abused and misused the latter. Unforgiveable.

This presidential hopeful traded our trust in him for sex.  His judgment was infantile, self-centered,  arrogant and duplicitous. That
extramarital dalliances have their own desk (or is it couch?) in the
Oval Office makes his behavior even more abhorrent: Didn’t Edwards
campaign with the promise that we needed change? Was he, in fact,
referring to the sheets?

I feel total and complete outrage at Edward’s lack of regard for the
American people, I being one of them. His behavior was disrespectful to
the very people he implored to trust him, to support him, to elect him
our president. I may be mad but, in truth, I’m more scared than mad.
Does anyone tell the truth anymore? When I vote this November, I will
be voting for image, not substance. That scares the crap out of me.

There are not enough “I’m sorrys” in the world to repair the hole this
man has cut into the cloth of the American people. How supremely
arrogant that so many politicians truly think that they are above the
very laws that they pass. How undeniably selfish to jeopardize our
lives because they can’t get theirs together. We’re leaders. We’re at
the front of the line which, necessarily, implies that others may be
following us. If we’re misbehaving, what do we think those behind us
will be doing?

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3 thoughts on “Ain’t Misbehavin’…… Oh, yes you are!

  1. Nancy,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. Sadly the American public have choosen to ignore the laws of morality when electing a leader. Citing personal life does not have a bearing on how well a person can perform their job. Case in point Bill Clinton. Even the almost sainted John Kennedy was guilty and it runs through the Kennedy clan, who we also elected to office. Bobby & Ted.
    Unfortunately our choices this election are not much better. I am scared for this country and the direction we continue to head.

  2. Great blog! Boy, did you nail it. What WAS he thinking? Well, I guess he wasn’t. I’m not a moralist, but this was so, so stupid, it just blows my mind and reinforces my skepticism about politicians. Even when we want to believe what they’re saying, it is tough to do.

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