Change Starts with You!

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Hello to all of you from beautiful Sonoma County, California where I’m spending some precious time with my BFF: We’ve known each other almost 25 years! (I know, and you thought I was only 22, didn’t you?)

For those of you who have ever been blessed to have a dear friend so close to you that you finish each other’s sentences, support one another no matter what, and work your way through the ups and deep-dive downs that accompany all intimate relationships, you’ll know what I mean when I say that I really NEEDED to spend time with her.

Life’s been very busy recently and my soul has been craving a massive dose of love, sleep and balance (and the ocean) —not always easy to manage as a single parent with two young children and a thriving business. (I’ll bet you have your own version of life’s stressors, don’t you!)

Some part of me wants to say that I’m so lucky to have Irene in my life but, truth be told, luck has nothing to do with it. We have worked very, very hard to take loving care of this relationship and, honestly, it has not always been easy. Intimate relationships seldom are.

We’ve even ‘broken up’ twice when the reflection we saw in one another was just too scary. (It still breaks my heart when I remember that I was more committed to being ‘right’ than to being loved—all that wasted time!)

Have you noticed that the most worthwhile things in life can also be the most challenging? The truly valuable stuff in life is often the most difficult because:

  • it shows us everything we fear
  • it shows us our strengths
  • it makes us choose between the two

BUT there’s another side to that.

There is also nothing more heart-quenching™ than being in an authentically intimate relationship, especially when we have a great relationship with ourselves.


Because every other relationship reflects that primary one.

Which means that…

  • We will only trust others to the extent that we trust ourselves.
  • We will only give to others to the extent that we are willing to receive.
  • We will receive love in direct proportion to the amount of love we think we deserve.

Therefore if

  • the reality of our lives isn’t congruent with our dreams, hopes and visions
  • we don’t have our ideal job
  • we don’t earn what we deserve
  • we’re not making a difference in the world

… then the only way to change that is to change the relationship we have with ourselves.

Sounds really hard to do, doesn’t it? BUT it’s not! Not if you know how.

19 years of coaching, thousands of clients, and many years of research have taught me how to help you get clarity and direction, all in a very short period of time and at a nominal investment.

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One thought on “Change Starts with You!

  1. Ahhhhh….Nancy, I have learned more from you then just about anyone I know! It is such a “heart quencher” to be in relationship with you. I am honored to be an example used in your blog post. Thanks so much for being in my life!

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