We Are Just One Circumstance Away From Doing Anything

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We are all just one circumstance away from doing anything.

Every time I say that a few people vigorously shake their heads in a horizontal dance; “Not me!” they say.

  • I would never steal a car.
  • I would never jeopardize my family.
  • I would never become addicted to drugs.
  • I would never gamble away my life savings.

But we’re human. So we do all these things; we violate our values, we compromise our commitments, we behave badly. There’s something about the way we’re designed that makes us learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes. So be it.

The great news is that every moment presents us with a new choice that leads to a new outcome and a new day, We can almost always make another choice. We can almost always pull a do-over card. We can almost always change our destiny.

I was recently introduced to a woman whose life is devoted to creating a new day for women who made choices they’ve come to regret.

Judy Hoff is her name. She’s the Queen Bee of “Queen, It’s a New Day,” the non-profit organization she founded. In a recent conversation, Judy told me that she supports “the broken, the homeless, the addicted, lost and helpless.”

For many, Judy is the key to these women’s “Do-over card.”

Take a quick break and watch this video. It’s heart-quenching.

The message in the video, in Judy’s words: “Every person’s life is worth applauding.”

The message for you and I: No matter your history, no matter the results you’ve produced to date, no matter the fat on your thighs, the number in your bank account, the title on your door or the stuff you’ve come to own- Today is a New Day.

After you’ve watched the video, take a look at the program I designed specifically for YOU:

The 12 Weeks to Transformation Program is for you:

If you’re bored and don’t know how change that.
If you’re life feels unsatisfying to you.
If you want to create your ideal work, but you’re not sure how to start, or where to go.
If you haven’t reached your earning potential and you know it!
If you suspect that you have a special mission but you just don’t what it is.
If you want to make a difference in the world but the difference isn’t yet clear (and you’re tired of waiting).
If you want to do something you love but you don’t want to neglect your family and friends while you do it.
Then you simply owe it to yourself to check it out.

Who knows…. you might be just one circumstance (or class) away from doing everything your heart desires.

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