Coaching Testimonials

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“I worked with Nancy for 6 months. On the other side of that six months I find myself with feet firmly planted on the floor pointed in the direction I want to go. The path is now clear and I am executing steps to create what I want in my life. During the 6 months, Nancy held the space I needed to acknowledge and let go of some limiting beliefs in my life. With new freedom I move forward into all that I can be.”

Cindy Anderson

“Nancy will turn you inside-out and upside-down, stopping at nothing short of helping you realize your highest goals and dreams for you life. Don’t work with her if you want everything to stay the same. Work with her only if you are ready to really change your life. Working with Nancy helped me to attain a strong sense of my purpose and vocation, a vision for my business development, and some specific skills to make it happen. I wish I had worked with Nancy earlier in my career and am grateful that I decided to work with her when I did. Having worked with other coaches, none compare with Nancy in terms of her intelligence, forthrightness, compassion, and insight.”

Tucker Miller
Attorney and Consultant

“I can’t believe how three months of personal coaching flew by. But what is more incredible is how much self-confidence and clarity of purpose I have achieved. Through your coaching, I was able to identify hidden barriers I created, that kept me from standing in my own power and taking control of my own destiny. By learning to trust my inner wisdom and leading with my heart, I have made positive, life changing decisions, both in my personal life and professional career. You have helped me develop a strategy to make my business even more successful and profitable than I ever thought possible!”

Joan Qvigstad
Certified Mortgage Planner
CFA Home Loans

“Nancy Solomon as my personal coach, was instrumental in preparing me for a year as President of the MBA. Coach with Nancy was a tremendous experience and I look forward to continuing our work together.”

Donna Bade Shirey, CGR, CAPS
Shirey Contracting Incorporated

“I am forever thankful for the experience of working with you because it changed my life. Working with you was a crash course in honesty, unconditional love and true spirit. With your help I was catapulted from a life of ‘good enough’ and ‘getting by’ to a more authentic existence where I know that my life can prosper to the extent that I can accept it. I have worked with many healers…and I can honestly say, that working with you was the most effective.”

Carmin L. Dalziel
General Manager
The Center for Spiritual Living

I love Nancy’s uncompromising commitment to making therapy everything I needed it to be. With her ability to make a safe environment for my work, I was able to find myself, love who I found, and subsequently create a new and fantastic life. Her “Body Perfect” audio tape enabled me to lose 30 pounds yet I still love and accept my body as much now as before. I got myself out of an abusive relationship and into a totally love and healthy one. Thank you, Nancy, for really being there when I needed you most.”

DeeDee Fowler

Working with Nancy Solomon has changed my life. It is simply impossible to imagine living small once you have worked with someone who loves you so unconditionally and who holds you up to be the best you can be.”

CD Author

Nancy’s excitement about life, love and purpose is contagious. You can’t help but grow when you’re around her. She’s so animated it makes you come alive too. You can’t help but be your best once you’ve worked with her. I wouldn’t have traded working with Nancy for anything.”


“Nancy Solomon is a person who exhibits the highest levels of compassion, dedication and integrity in her work. With incredible patience and love, Nancy has assisted me in re-discovering my truest self, and at the same time has helped me to connect with my own inner wisdom. If you are truly interested in learning about yourself, and why you do what you do, I strongly recommend attending one of Nancy’s seminars or contacting her for personal one-on-one work.”

Shawn Frodsham

Nancy showed me how to get my life back. She is tough, loving, intuitive, and has an amazing gift for teaching people to tap into all the truths that they know, but sometimes choose to forget or ignore.”

Tamara Gordy
Fortune 500 Environmental Co.

“Through Nancy’s coaching sessions, I learned to harness my innate ability to ‘tune in’ to my inner wisdom to make decisions in my life and understand my feelings. I no longer ‘think’ about anything. I simply look inward to hear what action will serve my highest good. As a result, I no longer struggle to make decisions, or second guess decisions once they’re made. I no longer need the help of a therapist to help me understand what causes me to behave in certain ways, or feel certain things. I simply ask my inner wisdom, a direct connect to God, for insight. I’m happier and more calm than I’ve ever been in my entire life. It’s a gift from God.”

Catherin Murphy
Lexis Nexis

Knowing and working with Nancy has changed my life. Nancy has shown me where my inner light is and how to let it shine! She has also taught me what it means to take responsibility for creating the life I always wanted! Thank you Nancy.”

Roslyn Ericksen
Account Supervisor
Hartford Life

“Nancy helped me open the door to my heart. The work we’ve done together has woken something up inside that has changed my life. I feel a balance within myself that I’ve never felt before and a strength that I never knew I had. Thank you Nancy!”

Christine McBride
Film Production

“There are so many good things I could say. I have known you for years and your love and commitment to what you do is your greatest strength. You love what you do and it comes through in all you do. One of the main feelings that come to mind is that I feel safe when we are working together. You give me strength to believe in myself. I can’t thank you enough!”

Carolyn VanCorbach

“Over the past three years, I have coached on and off with Nancy Solomon. After working with Nancy for the first 6 months of coaching, I was able to determine what I needed to not just balance, but to integrate, my personal and professions life in a way that made me more complete and happy. During my most recent coaching with Nancy, we have focused on restructuring my business in order to bring it to the next level. For the 12 months prior to this coaching session, I had been entertaining the thought of creating my own business, however, had remained stagnant. Within three months, I left my organization, which was not aligned with my personal and business beliefs, and started my own business. Through my work with Nancy, I found within myself the encouragement, direction, and focus needed to take my business to this next level.

Sandy Wood
Analytical Consultant
Integrated Benefit Strategies

“Working with Nancy Solomon has changed my life, both personally and professionally. In the last 5 years, since working with Nancy, I have changed jobs and received unexpected raises, and bonuses. In my last review with my current boss I received the feedback that ‘I was the best and clearest communicator/negotiator that he had ever worked with’. I attribute this to Nancy helping me to know myself, figure out what I want and then having the courage to express that! Thank you Nancy, I can’t imagine that I would be where I am today if I hadn’t done the work I did with you!”

Roslyn Ericksen
CNA Account Manager

“In only three months I have made amazing progress thanks to your keen insights, gentle style, and your direct questions. I always felt supported and challenged to think bigger than I had allowed myself to think. What I learned put me back on track. I improved my relationship…and I corrected the direction of my business. Your insights are worth 10 times what I paid you for your time. Thank you for who you are. You have given me a second chance to make my business even more successful and profitable that it was!

Jeanette Nyden
Attorney at Law
J. Nyden & Co., Inc.

“To Nancy D. Solomon, there is no such thing as a problem; there are simply situations that are not yet fully understood. Her specialty is helping people shed light and clarity on such situations, removing roadblocks to success and creating a sustainable framework for moving forward. The result is possible. Everything is achievable.

What it means to work with Nancy Solomon. Her goal is to guide you towards your higher purpose and to acknowledge the Godliness within you. She will assist you in accessing your inner light and will guide you along your spiritual path. You share with her your uniqueness and she shares her gift of insightfulness and vision. She will do whatever needs to be done to facilitate your growth. She will never abandon you. Her commitment is her word and she always follow through. She is non-judgemental. The JOURNEY is painful at time; it is joyful at times; and it is healing. She is LIGHT. She is LOVE. She is PASSION. She is KNOWLEDGE.

Carolyn Grimes

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