Confessions of a Cyber-Challenged Woman…or (as my mother told me) God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

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If the question is:

Where have you been, Nancy?

Then the answer is:

“Cibernating” (as in hibernating in cyberspace).

For all of you who’ve wondered where I disappeared to the past three weeks (yikes!) I want to first thank you for missing me. I missed you too. Next, I want to respectfully request that you reframe from contacting the blog police. I know, I know, those of us who are serious about growing our businesses must consistently blog (and consistent is more often than every 3 weeks). So let me explain where I’ve been—and it was not on a romantic 5 star vacation with the man of my dreams. More on that later.

It’s really quite simple or, at least on paper, it was supposed to be.

Situation: My first book, Impact! was published last month by John Wiley.

Challenge: I was several months late in getting my new website up and running.

Solution: Hire a web designer.

Challenge: It was mid-holiday when I decided to do something about it.

Bottom Line: Do it myself.

Stop laughing.

As I’ve said before, I am what I refer to as a computer klutz (aka: social media klutz, cyber challenged, technically spastic and computer compromised). My gifts are people related. End of story. For that I make no apology.

So what inspired me to take on the mother of all things frustrating—building my own site? Fear. Yup. As frightened as I was (kindly notice the past tense) to snuggle up with html, I was more scared to have spent a zillion years writing a book no one would read because they’d never hear about it.

I’m on the other side of it now. Sorta. I describe the experience like this: I’m cold. I turn to my friend and tell her I’m going to get a sweater—I’ll be right back. Three weeks later, I emerge from my closet having learned how to knit.

I’d like to say this: to every web site designer, graphic designer, computer programmer, seo specialist, etc. with whom I have ever worked, if only for the briefest of time—I apologize. I apologize for underestimating the skill it takes to create a site that looks effortless (just like a keynote that, to the unknowing audience, feels like a casual, but flawless, conversation.) I apologize for thinking, if not saying, that you over-charged me—that x, y & z could never have taken 3 hours (it probably took you 5). I ask forgiveness for my ignorance and invite you to double your rates next time we work together (I am only half kidding).

I don’t care that I was building a WordPress site, one that I could ‘content manage’ myself. I don’t care that 10 year-olds all over the planet construct these sites blindfolded—it was really hard, it was labor intensive, it was time-altering and energy sucking. It was intense. How intense, you might ask? Let’s put it this way— there are about 4,327 people on the Internet who have either written about or done a video on various aspects of WordPress design. Every one of them now knows me by first name.

Voila! I was cibernating. I dug into the underbelly of the blogosphere. I binged, I googled, I yahooed, I youtubed,  and I ate a lot of  ice cream.

I’m back. I’m excited it’s 2010….. actually, it’s not that I’m happy it’s 2010, it’s that I’m thrilled it’s no longer 2009. More on that later this week.

What did I learn from my adventure into cyberspace? Lots of things, but mainly that I’d best not leave my day job. The good news? Lot of things. Mainly, however, that given enough motivation (fear), we can do anything we set our mind to—trust me, if I can put this website together (with the help of my totally committed coach), then you can





  1. What is one thing that you really want to do and are absolutely certain you can’t (or won’t, or aren’t willing to) do?
  2. What fear(s) stands in your way?
  3. What are you afraid of learning about yourself?
  4. If you fail, what have you decided this will say about you?
  5. If you succeed, what have you decided thatwill that say about you?
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