Do You Need a Career Intervention?

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Are you bored, frustrated or just plain disappointed in your career? Do you stay where you are year after year simply because the prospect of finding a new position overwhelms you? Do you think to, “At least I have a job“?

As the architect of your own life, have you misplaced the blueprints? Are you hoping that someone will come along and rescue you from your current employment and defeatist attitude?

Well, guess what?! That is NOT going to happen.

Your only hope isn’t hope at all– your only way out of this situation is to come up with a plan to give yourself a career intervention. Yes, CAREER INTERVENTION.

Friends don’t let friends drink and drive. Friends don’t let friends go to work, day after day, leaving their potential, passion, and purpose at home in their hope chest. Be your own best friend. Start today.

There are basically three degrees of intervention, and only you will know which one best fits you.

  • Change out your job responsibilities
  • Delegate the tasks that you don’t excel at, or you’re bored with
  • Take on new projects that will help your company meets its goals, while reigniting your creativity and innovation
  • Shake things up a bit; question the status quo and use your brilliance to raise your own bar


  • Change positions within your company
  • Move to a new org within your company
  • Create a new position for yourself
  • Earn a promotion
  • Make a lateral move to an  entirely new company


  • Change careers
  • Go back to school and get that degree you keep talking about
  • Start your own business
  • Go on sabbatical
  • If you own your own business, go to work for someone else

Yes, change can be scary. Yes, it can be hard. Yes, you will probably be rejected. No, you will never, ever regret it.

Are you ready for a career intervention? Have you recently have one? What prompted you to make the move? How did you know you were ready? How has it turned out? Please leave your comments below; I’d love to hear from you!

Over the past 20+ years I’ve helped thousands of people create work they love. If I can help you get clarity and direction in your career, if you need a strategy and action plan so that you can finally do what you love, then please reach out to me at

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