Entrepreneurs Can Change the World

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It’s been almost seventeen years since I went into business for myself. At the time, one of the local banks had launched an ad campaign apparently geared to attract small business owners. Join me, for a moment, as I try to paint as accurate a picture of this ad as I possibly can.

The backdrop of the ad was a magnificent mountain– treacherous not merely because of it’s height, but because one side of it was a sheer vertical drop of several hundred feet. The mountain peak was only a few feet wide, and atop that peak was a man sitting on a chair leaning back on only two of its legs.

The caption was, and I paraphrase, “Yeah, but does he have the courage to own his own business.”

I dedicate this short video to all of you who answered the internal call to entrepreneurship. Your courage is your success!!

Name It: What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but you haven’t…..
What’s the reason (or excuse) you’ve never done it?
What would it feel like to actually do it?
How would your life change if you did it?
What’s one little step in that direction that you can take today?

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2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs Can Change the World

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  2. I love this. I often try to find physical descriptions for the sensations one experiences being an entrepreneur. My latest one: beach waves. In any event, this post was very inspiring.

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