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The Solomon Solutions: What do we do?

  • Only the things that are really important to us: The things that make a personally meaningful difference.
  • We lead. We inspire. We transform.
  • We want you (and your small business or organization) to turn your potential into performance. No more “yadda, yadda, yadda and blah, blah, blah.” Results. Passion. Profit. Attraction. Retention.
  • We want you to turn your what if…. Into what is.
  • We want you to be purposeful, passionate and profitable.
  • We want you to discover what you came here to do, and we want to support you in getting it done.

We play hardball with the soft skills. Those things that everyone used to think of as the fluff stuff, which we now know is really the tough stuff…. the people piece.

Why do we do it?
It’s our purpose. It’s what we came here to do. Honestly? We can’t help ourselves. That’s how passionate we are about who you are and what you do.

There are few things more gratifying than helping someone become all who they were meant to be: to use all their gifts, their talents, and their passion to positively influence the world.

How do we do it?
In whatever way(s) works best for you, produces the most positive results, and gets you there with intention, integrity, and sustainability.

We partner. We assess. We collaborate. We strategize. We brainstorm. We execute our plan. We adapt and modify. We celebrate.

Visit our Portfolio of Services (POS). Everything we do is customized to address your challenges and concerns, and to exceed your expectations.

Who is our ideal client?
Any person or organization who is committed to maximizing the potential of people through respect, nurturance and education.

Individuals, groups or organizations that are ambitious about their growth, intentions and results.

Our most successful clients are inquisitive and committed.

They are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed (read their raves).

They want something more than or different from what they currently have and just need the skills, insight and resources to get there—even if they don’t know where “there” is

Who won’t we work with?
Anyone who needs to be convinced that people are important.

Where do we do it?
Wherever it’s best for our clients. On-site. Off-site. Our site. On air. On the web. Any combination that works.

When do we do it?
There are two reasons that people (and the organizations they work for and own), don’t make the choices that they know will produce the results they desire: Fear and timing.

Fear we help you deal with.
Timing is up to you.
We’re ready when you are.

Not many things in life come with a guarantee. Our work with you does. Promise.

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