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“Are you leading your life or following it around?”

Nancy’s Coaching Philosophy

When most people describe their best life, they focus on the material ‘stuff’—the money, the car, the house, and so on. They focus on their possessions (the ones they have or the ones they want) because they think that these ‘things’ will make them feel better or more successful.

There is a HUGE problem with this mind set. It doesn’t work!

Feeling such as joy, happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction do not come from the material world. There is only one path to the positive emotions you seek, and that is by living your best and highest contribution.

I’ll explain.

You have a life purpose unique to YOU. Work that is aligned with YOUR life purpose will result in your having the maximum impact in the world that you can possibly have. Making a difference, having an impact, is one of the greatest drivers of human behavior.

When you use your life purpose to guide all of your choices in every part of your life, you will experience more joy, happiness, and fulfillment than you ever thought possible. Everything in your life will become clearer, easier and more fun.

“Get more of what you want by becoming
more of who you already are.”

All the areas of your life are connected, symbiotic, if you will. When you are out of balance in one area, it creates teeter tottering in the other areas. An out of balance life depletes your energy and creates worry and stress. A holistic approach to your life will help you to feel whole, integrated, congruent and consistent in everything you do.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you arrive?”

Why hire a coach?

The objective of great coaching is for you to become successful, (or more successful) than you already are. YOU must determine what success looks like to YOU. A great coach will help you do that!

People hire a coach for reasons as unique as they are. Why do you want to hire a coach?  (check ALL that apply).

I want to:

  • Discover my highest and best contribution in the world
  • Discover what I love to do and orient my life around my values
  • Identify my personal and professional goals
  • Have the greatest impact and make the most difference in the world
  • Focus on my highest level objectives and eliminate my distractions
  • Take my life to the next level and feel more passion
  • Identify my strengths and get on track (or back on track)
  • Reach my goals faster and more efficiently
  • Eliminate the things I merely tolerate
  • Change my direction and accelerate my growth
  • Stop wasting time by procrastinating
  • Be more financially successful and stable
  • Design and live my best life
  • Make better decisions and take healthy risks
  • Create more balance in my life and make my life easier
  • Influence others perception of me and build my executive presence
  • Start a new business or re-invent my existing business
  • Set boundaries that support me and improve my relationships
  • Simplify my life and reduce my stress
  • Collaborate with someone I trust


Who’s YOUR champion?


What roles does a coach play?

  • Your coach is your confidant.
  • Your coach helps you see your blind spots and navigate around them.
  • Your coach provides objective, non-judgmental, feedback; Do you know who’s not objective about your career and your life? YOU!
  • Hiring a coach is strategic. My research proves that it’s what you’re not doing that’s impeding your success and creating inertia.
  • Your coach will keep you accountable.
  • Your coach is your very own sounding board for your creative ideas.
  • Your coach helps you articulate your vision and develop your plan for success based on your values, personal strengths, background, etc.
  • Your coach celebrates your successes and is a source of strength when you fail (and, if you’re trying, you will fail at some things).
  • Your coach will help you process life’s challenges
  • Your coach is your own personal cheerleader (many people complete marathons only because there are throngs of people cheering them on!)


“Hiring Nancy Solomon is a game changer.” –
Colleen Tyler, Microsoft


What to expect from a great coach

  • A great coach will help you to become more of who you were meant to be, more of your authentic self.
  • A great coach will help you to discover your life purpose, and create your life based on the vision of your best and highest contribution.
  • A great coach will challenge you to stretch and grow in ways you never imagined.
  • A great coach will show you how to make decisions to go towards what you want, instead of making decisions based on your running away from what you don’t want.
  • A great coach will challenge you if you get too comfortable, comfort you if you get too challenged.
  • A great coach will help you to access your inner wisdom for guidance.


Hiring the right coach for you might just be your competitive advantage; the edge you’ve been looking for.  Hiring the right coach will make you more powerful, confidant, self-aware, and successful in every area of your life.


During your lifetime you may have hired a dentist, an accountant, a therapist, a financial planner, a handyman, a tutor, etc. So why haven’t you hired a coach? Do you say these things to yourself…?

*  I should be able to do this on my own!

*  I know what I’m supposed to do; I just need to start doing it.

*  If I would just focus, I could get this done!


“If you could have done this by yourself, you already would have.”

YOU deserve to be championed and acknowledged; to have someone bear witness to your life.

How long have you been contemplating the changes you want to make? Consider this: Had you brought a coach onto your team when you first started thinking about it, you’d be ‘there’ already’.


Are YOU ready?

Are you coachable right now? Really? Let’s be honest, we’re not all coachable all the time.

Sometimes we’re stubborn, blind-sighted, negative or defiant.  Sometimes we think we know it all. Sometimes we’re just plain fearful. All of these things can cause us to dig in, to become immovable.  All of these things make us un-coachable.

The Irony: Very often the reason we’re un-coachable is the very same reason we desperately need a coach.

The best coach in the world won’t be able to help you if you’re not ready to be helped. If you want to get the most value out of your coaching you must be:

  1. Willing to change the way you do things
  2. Ready to talk your insecurities; the ones you hide from yourself and others for fear you will be judged or criticized
  3. Open to hearing things that will make you uncomfortable
  4. Open in your mind and heart
  5. Willing to be ‘wrong’ about what you were doing
  6.  Able to look at your business or career objectively
  7. Willing invest in yourself


“We do what we do until it becomes too painful or we get bored,
and then we change.”

Call (425) 429-3636 or write nancy@nancydsolomon.com today for your application to coach with Nancy.

You’ve got some really great questions. Nancy has some very interesting answers!

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