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Delivery Options

  • Tele-seminar
  • Four-hour (1/2 day) training
  • Webinar
  • Full-day training
  • Keynote
  • Retreat (2-3 days)

All presentations are customized to the specific needs, challenges, and requirements of your organization. They can also be tailored to be gender-specific.

Program Summaries


From Invisible to Invincible!

What Difference Do You Make™? Consider This: The kind of failing economy we’re in dictates that your expendability, right NOW in this moment, is directly tied to the Impact that you’re having on your organization and, ultimately, on your customer or end user. The people who are keeping their jobs, getting recruited, receiving promotions, and earning bonuses are fewer in number, but more distinguishable than a year ago. They are the ones whose presence and performance has such a high positive impact on their organization that they have almost become indispensible.

The Unheard Third™

How to Identify, Grow, and Keep Your Latent Leaders

Leaders lead. Followers follow. And then there’s The Unheard Third™—the people in the middle who, for one reason or another, fall through the leadership cracks when they’re passed over or passed through. These latent leaders are the next-generation achievers whose potential has yet to be, or may never be, turned into performance. Companies can either tap into the enormous potential of these people, or waste a precious resource and lose a competitive advantage.

The Psychology of Selling

Who You Are Impacts How You Sell

You understand your customer. You understand your product or service. But do you understand who you are in the sales process? In fact, you are the critical Unique Value Proposition. You are the most important component of every sale. Why? Because wherever you sell there YOU are.

Have you ever wondered:

* What inspires you to make that call or get another coffee instead?
* Why some days you do an outstanding presentation, and other days one that is easily forgotten?
* Who initiates that million-dollar deal instead of settling for last year’s quota?

What’s in the Way Is the Way

How to Find Freedom in Failure

Sometimes it’s not the big things, but the pitter-patter of little defeats that throws us off course, stands in our way, and sends us into a downward spiral of disappointment. During those times it can be difficult to remember that “we are not the problem we have,” that this too shall pass, and that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. Our life’s journey is about becoming who we were meant to be. These experiences are simply the vehicles to get there.

Big thinkers know that there is great value in failure because we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes. Our obstacles are our greatest opportunities to see what we’re made of, to give us clarity, and to provide us with direction. Coming face to face with our obstacles and fears can stop us or start us. We choose.

The Emotional Economy

How to Grow Passion into Profit

Consider this: “People choose a job in response to an emotional itch that needs scratching—and leave it for the very same reason. According to the esteemed Gallup Organization, only 30 percent of all U.S. employees are engaged in their work, while 54 percent of their colleagues are not engaged and 16 percent are actively disengaged. The price we pay for this lack of emotional commitment is about $250 billion a year.”

People who are on purpose in their lives are those who fully grasp the “why behind the what” of their careers. They understand what truly drives them and what gives meaning to their work and to their lives. It is this connection between who they are and what they do that fuels the passion that others call leadership.

In the Company of Courage

Courage is who we are. Leadership is what we do with it.

Courage is like quality: It’s hard to define but easy to recognize. The most courageous are living from the inside out, following their hearts and their souls straight through to their purpose and passion. They listen to the small but vibrant voice within them and take that wisdom out into the world to make a personally meaningful difference. We call that difference leadership. Courageous leaders know that they sit in the seat of their own power: They know that personal power is a choice. They dare to be different, to speak their truth, to lead regardless of whether anyone else is following, simply because they are compelled to do so.

It’s All About the SHOES

An Invitation for Women Step into Leadership

Every single year millions and millions of women relegate themselves to obscurity, to mediocrity, to redundancy. The world will never know their special brand of genius because they meander through their lives instead of moving forward on their path with purpose and passion.

It’s all about the SHOES is an invitation for women to intimately explore their relationship with leadership. They will discover that it is not where they walk in their lives, but how they get there and why they made the journey that are the keys to turning their potential into performance.

women. courage. leadership.

The rules. The tools. The permission.

Women are assuming an ever-increasing leadership role in the world. Their economic clout and superior leadership skills combined with absolutely impeccable timing has swung the door wide open for women to assume their rightful place in the world, whether it be at the head of the boardroom or the head of the homeroom.

The challenge for women? How do they honor themselves, their commitments, their families, their communities, and lead at the same time? It takes courage, and courage is a skill that is learned. What does courage have to do with leadership? Everything!

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