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Somewhere along the parenting path I picked up the idea to ask my children two specific questions every night as I was tucking them in:
1. What was the most fun for you today?
2. What are you most looking forward to tomorrow?

The intention behind the questions was for them to remind themselves about at least one joy in their day, regardless of the way the rest of the day went. I wanted them to learn to focus on the positive. The first question set them up for the second, and their expectation became: I am going to have fun tomorrow. And guess what happened? That’s right….. the next day they could recall more than one fun thing that had happened.

Duh! After four years of doing this, it finally occurred to me to drink my own Kool Aid. So as I tucked myself in every night, I began to ask myself those same two questions. What happened? You guessed it! My focus changed, literally overnight. I began to look for the fun knowing that I had to report back to myself at nighty-nite time. My (unconscious) focus became ‘fun’. My expectation became ‘fun’. I began to look for ways to have even more fun, because I am very competitive—especially with myself.

My daughter has been our family’s CFO since the day she was born—Chief Fun Officer. This joy of my life can make any, and I mean any, activity more fun. It’s her nature. It’s not mine, though, so I have to work at it. I don’t really mind: It gives my little girl a place where she can lead and I can follow. The outcome? More fun.


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