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Impact! The Book

You don’t make a difference!
. . . Or do you?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably already realized that in order to have significant impact you must to do something that changes the entire world, you must be fearless, you must make seven figures a year, you must have the right connections in very high places, you must work 80 hour weeks, and you must gain national prominence.

You already know this right?

The fact is, who you are on the inside, and how you think, is far more important that what you actually do in the physical world.

The people who are successful on their own terms, who have the most impact, are not separated from the crowd by having special skills or extraordinary talent. They may not be beautiful, intellectually brilliant, rich or thin.

They stand out because of one factor, and it’s on the inside.

I call it self-permission.

Self-permission is when you say yes to the job you want, yes to the relationship you desire, yes to the health you deserve— instead of waiting for your stars to align, your boss to anoint you, or your family to approve of you.

Self-permission is saying yes to one big bold thing you’ve always wanted to do, even though when you take a step toward it your heart starts racing, your breath becomes shallow, and you can feel the muscles tense in your neck and shoulders.

You’ve been waiting a long time.
The wait is over!

Your family needs you.
Your community needs you.
Your company needs you.
You need you.

What are you going to give yourself permission to do? Right now?

I realize this isn’t easy. This is a tremendous challenge. That’s why I wrote Impact! Inside this book you will find the tools to:

Stop being manipulated by your life circumstances in a way that causes you to constantly live in ‘reaction mode;’ trying to make the best of whatever is thrown at you with little hope of ever being fully in control.

Take charge of the direction of your life so that you are calling the shots, and proactively creating exactly what you want.

• Permanently transform the co-dependent relationships in your life; relationships that drag you down, drain your energy, and leave you exhausted – all so you can get up the next day and do it again.

• Attract and cultivate relationships that bring you joy, support your success and honor the contribution that you are, so that your interactions with family, friends, and associates are harmonious, fun and mutually supportive.

Quit feeling like a failure because you’re not getting the results you’re capable of; because you’re not living up to your potential, meeting your own expectations, or fully utilizing your unique gifts.

Succeed on your own terms by earning what you deserve, getting the job you’ve always wanted, or attracting the relationship of your dreams; all in ways that constantly remind you that you’re on purpose in fulfilling your mission.

John Gray “Nancy Solomon has done an outstanding job helping women understand what impacts their ability to live powerfully, and how to turn their untapped potential into performance in their work and in their lives. This is a must-read for women who are committed to getting more of what they want!”
-John Gray, best-selling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Imagine if you knew, with absolute certainty, what you came here to do— what your life purpose is—and how to make sure you’d get it done.

Imagine what your experience of your life would be if you trusted yourself and you had tremendous self-confidence.

Imagine how exhilarating your life will be when you use all the personal power you already know you have.

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions….

  • What is my life purpose?
  • Why do my relationships work out the way they do?
  • What do I need to do to get recognized at work and earn that promotion?
  • How can I lose this weight and keep it off?
  • Why do I relate to money the way I do?
  • How do I make a personally meaningful difference in the world?

Then you’re ready for Impact!

DrCherie“Nancy Solomon’s treasure of a book is punctuated with real examples you can use to create a life on your own terms! Nancy delivers inspiration from the heart combined with common sense for everyday living. I thoroughly enjoy her down-to-earth approach, coupled with her delightful sense of humor! This is a treat you won’t want to miss.”
Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. If Life is a Game, These are the Rules: Ten Rules for Being Human

I’ve worked with thousands of people just like you, over the past 20 years and one of the many things I’ve learned is this:

Successful people don’t just fantasize about their lives, they create them.

Think about how your life would look if you gave yourself permission to be as big or bold or bodacious as you wanted—if you stopped holding yourself back and let your life fully flourish. Imagine that!

  • Successful people define success for themselves.
  • Fulfilled people understand their impact.
  • Purpose-driven people know why their impact is important.
  • Happy people know how they diminish their impact and they also know how to increase it.
  • Powerful people deliberately impact their work, their life, their relationships…. Their way.

Sandra Yancey“At a time when American businesses need to re-evaluate its practices, re-engage employees and stimulate innovation and creativity, Nancy Solomon’s new book, Impact! arrives just in time. Her empowering philosophy, direct approach and compassionate heart will cultivate the leader in every reader—whether you’re a C-suite executive or a stay-at-home mom. This self-help business book should be on the top of your must-read list.”

-Sandra Yancey, Founder and CEO, eWomenNetwork, Inc.

What’s between the pages? A fresh, practical, compelling approach for turning your potential into performance. Impact! is rich in content, packed with tools you can use in both your personal and professional life. It’s informative, funny, inspiring, and encouraging. It invites you into the question: What if there’s nothing wrong with you? Then it gives you some solid, usable, sustainable answers.

  • If you’re wondering how much influence, how much impact, you really have….
  • If you’re frustrated that you can’t seem to find your life’s path….
  • If you haven’t yet decided what you want to do when you grow up….(Or maybe you just don’t know how to get there).
  • If you’re looking for clarity and direction in your career….
  • If you’re tired of talking about what you’re going to do one day….and you’re ready to start doing it…

Then you must read Impact!

Jonathan Farrington“Nancy Solomon’s Impact! challenges the paradigms governing personal growth, and provides a route map that will lead anyone and everyone towards personal and commercial success. What a masterful piece of writing from the genius that is Nancy D. Solomon – well worth waiting for!”

-Jonathan Farrington, Chairman, The Sales Corporation

What it would it take for you to find your life purpose, to pursue your passion, to show up authentically, to stop apologizing for being too this or too that?

What would it take for you to let go of all the excuses for not being your most powerful self?

What would it take for you to not only remove your foot from the brake, but to place it firmly on the accelerator?

Will you let me help you get there?

Will you let me show you how to use the attitude, the tools, the daily practices necessary to help you put down “what if…” and to actually create “what is?”

*What’s it going to take?

  • The decision to do so… and
  • Click on this link.

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*(Note to self: in order for Impact! to, well, impact your life, you must actually read it and implement the principles and practices I’ve designed for you).

Barbara StannyImpact! is a powerful, authentic book written by a savvy woman who has ‘been there’ and ‘done that.’! Nancy Solomon masterfully connects the dots between personal power and financial education. My only regret is that Impact! wasn’t available twenty years ago.”

-Barbara Stanny, author of Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money; Secrets of Six-Figure Women; Overcoming Underearning.

“Do yourself a favor: Buy, read, think about, and implement IMPACT! Nancy Solomon is a front-runner who inspires you to solve problems, navigate life’s challenge and victories, and set a powerful direction for your life. While inspiring, humorous and candid, Impact! is a serious book that directly challenges the beliefs women hold about themselves— the same beliefs that hold them back. If you’re ready to lead from within, you’re ready for Impact!

-Sarah Weddington, winning attorney Roe vs. Wade, Professor

Yitta Halberstam“When women decide to move out of the shadows from invisibility and to own their invincibility, remarkable things happen. Thanks to Nancy Solomon for inspiring women to championing their unique light and share it with the sisterhood and the entire world. It’s a great way for women to live in the flow of life where expansive things can happen.”

-Yitta Halberstam, author, Small Miracles.

Maureen Anderson“Author Nancy Solomon asks you to “consider how much grit it takes to put your life in full view of everyone you care about and respect.” Her book, Impact!, is a heapin’ helpin’ of grit, served up with a side order of “you had it in you all along.”

-Maureen Anderson, host, The Career Clinic® radio program

“Nancy Solomon has written a book that is both loving and empowering. It’s an inspirational and practical gem for women – and men – at all phases of career and life.”

-Rick Foster, co-author of “How We Choose to Be Happy” and “Choosing Brilliant Health.”

“Impact! is the key to success! Nancy Solomon captures the essence and importance of being intentional: this book will help people learn, grow, engage, drive and ultimately enjoy a successful life as they define it! Impact! provides insight, tips and exercises from Solomon’s wealth of experience and wisdom. You’ll want to buy a stack of books and give them to every woman you know and care about.”

-Alicia D. Kroll, Talent Acquisition, SUPERVALU

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