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The teleclass that will change the way you live your life forever……..

“Living Your Purpose:

Five Winning Strategies for Transforming

Your Career, Finances and Relationships NOW”

Chances are you are going to live:

  • 80 years
  • 960 months
  • 4,160 weeks
  • 29,200 days
  • 700,800 hours

Chances are you’re going to work 100,000 hours

Chances are you will be married (the first time) 7-8 years

Chances are you will retire at 62 years of age

How much do you want to leave to chance?

In just 29 days it will be 2011.

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Do you have a strategy, a plan, a commitment to make it your best year ever? Your best life ever?

Is this the year that you’re going to:

  • Create the job you’ve always wanted instead of settling for what comes along?
  • Get the promotion to deserve instead of staying stagnant and frustrated?
  • Earn what you’re worth and stop being underpaid?
  • Start the new business you’ve been thinking about forever?
  • Double the money in your retirement fund so that you never have to worry?
  • Eliminate the debt that’s been nagging at you for years (and free up your energy to do what you’re meant to do)?
  • Get married (or leave the ‘convenient’ relationship you’re in?)
  • Create the passion in your relationship that you’ve only fantasized about?
  • Be with a partner who gave as much as you and stop being taken for granted?

This NO COST, absolutely complimentary call will reveal:

  • How to plan for what you want rather than avoid what you don’t
  • How to make decisions that will fully support your goals and guarantee your SUCCESS
  • How to identify your ideal job—the one that will make you happy and pay you what you’re worth
  • How to finally give yourself permission to have what desire (without feeling selfish)
  • Why knowing and living your life purpose will make everything easier and more fun for you
  • How to trust your intuition so you can be confident in doing what you know is right, without second-guessing yourself
  • Why you procrastinate and how to move forward with confidence and ease
  • What to look for in your own personal dream team
  • How to stop talking about what you’re going to do one day and actually get it done.

I discovered that as much as we all like to think we’re unique, the bottom line is that we have more in common than we have differences.

What have people, like you, accomplished when they proactively implemented these 5 winning strategies? Great question! Here are just a few actual examples of people with whom I’ve worked:

  • Asked for a promotion…and got it (the day after the teleclass!)
  • Improved the communication in her relationship…and stayed in her marriage
  • Asked for the raise and got a bonus too!
  • Paid down over $40K in debt
  • Met his soul mate… they’re living together now
  • Started exercising and lost 21 inches in one month
  • Stopped excessive drinking
  • Wrote the book she’d been talking about for years. Is now seeking a publisher
  • Restructured her business for more family time
  • Hired a personal trainer—she’s now a power lifter
  • Stopped her emotional spending and is now saving for her retirement

Who is Nancy and why you should care?

  • Special ed teacher- too much politics
  • Entered fashion industry
  • 18 years in retail and wholesale clothing
  • VP of sales for $25M international corporation
  • Woke up one morning and said to herself, “How much money will they have to pay me for me to forget how much I hate my life?”
  • Pulled a ‘Do-over’ card
  • Left the fashion industry
  • At 39, returned to school and earned her Masters in Psychology
  • Adopted 2 children, 4 years apart
  • Became a therapist- too much politics
  • Built a successful coaching business
  • Became an international speaker and author
  • Believes in God and the principle that you can “Live your purpose. Love your life.”
  • Beginning of story

Can’t make the call? No problem! I’m going to record it, and on Friday you’ll receive an email with a link you can download. So relax: I’ve got you covered!

I am so excited to be able to share this valuable information with you; and to provide you with some concrete tools you can use today to make your life easier, more fun, more financially rewarding and more aligned with your greater purpose.

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Doesn’t it feel great when you share something of real value with the people you care about?

My message, regardless of whether you’re part of a huge organization or you own a home-based business, is very simple: “Live Your Purpose. Love Your Life.” If you believe in what I’m doing to help as many people as possible to achieve that goal, then please consider spreading the word.

Just pick your favorite tweet below, copy it, go to your twitter account, paste it, hit tweet and TA DA! (You are going to feel so good about yourself when you share what you’re up to. Really.)

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Nancy Solomon is sharing her secrets on how to “Live Your Purpose and Love Your Life “. FREE teleclass.

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Transform your career, finances & relationships today. FREE teleclass with Nancy

Live Your Purpose. Love Your Life.


Please join us on Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 4:00 pm PST / 7:00pm EST.

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