Marketing and Selling Fun

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Fun is a state of mind. In particular, yours. Just ask any 4 year old— although you won’t necessarily find the same thing funny as your little one, watching him or her laugh hysterically over something obviously not-funny will be funny to you.

Fun is where you find it. But that requires looking for it, doesn’t it? As in the Solomonism “Whatever you look for you are guaranteed to see.

Seldom has the need for fun been greater than it is now. With the majority of people running around these days like Henny Penny chanting “the economy is terrible, the economy is terrible….” it’s a wonder we can have any fun at all.

From the beginning of our current, shall I say, economic situation, I’ve been encouraging my clients to be conscious of what they’re thinking and saying. I believe, that the media (despite their intention of keeping us informed) has ultimately perpetuated and exacerbated the situation by keeping our focus on everything that seems to be not working.

One might even assume that were they only reporting great news, they’d be obsolete (to say nothing of remiss) in short order. Our expectation is that when we tune into the news, we’re going to hear about murder and mayhem. But suppose for a moment, that we, as the collective culture decided to change our focus to fun, what then would happen?

Case in point, Volkswagen’s new marketing campaign, The Fun Theory. Their premise? “We believe that the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do.” About 1.5 million people, looking for fun, found it! Watch this commercial they’ve put on YouTube and I think you’ll agree that fun trumps fear every time.

Who said selling cars had anything to do with cars? This from the people who brought us “the beetle”… now called “the bug.”

How do you initiate impact in  your life today? Figure out your focus. Decide how you want to feel while you’re doing whatever you’re doing. Don’t like filing? Would it be more fun to have your favorite music plugged in while you’re doing it? Have ‘too much’ reading to get done before your presentation? Would it be more fun to get it done in your child’s tree house? You get the idea! If you were marketing and selling something on your ‘to do’ list, what would make it more fun?

Thoughts are things. Think positively powerful ones.

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One thought on “Marketing and Selling Fun

  1. FUN is the main thing in our lives. We are here on earth for only a short time. If you miss having fun, you might as well had not lived at all!

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