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Nancy’s New Book
Impact! What Every Woman Needs to Know to Go From Invisible to Invincible

Pre-Program Questionnaire – Brief (Use Prior to Hiring Nancy)
Pre-Program Questionnaire

Pre-Program Questionnaire- Comprehensive (Use Once You’ve Hired Nancy)
Nancy Solomon Pre-Event Questionnaire.pdf

Nancy Solomon’s Bio – 332 words
Nancy Solomon bio

Resource Box – 59 Words
Resource Box on Letterhead.pdf


Photos for Downloading

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Nancy Solomon portrait 1 240 dpi 400 x 600 205 KB Nancy Solomon-042 copy
Nancy Solomon portrait 2 240 dpi 400 x 600 226 KB Nancy Solomon-135 copy
Nancy Solomon standing pose 240 dpi 400 x 600 127 kb Nancy Solomon-118 copy
Nancy Solomon seated pose 240 dpi 600 x 400 139 kb Nancy Solomon-178 copy
Nancy Solomon sitting on stool 240 dpi 400 x 600 154 kb Nancy Solomon-240 copy
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