Nancy Blogs on Impact! for CNBC

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This past week I, once again, experienced the magic of networking. Just as the realtor’s mantra is location, location, location, the savvy networker’s mantra is relationship, relationship, relationship.

A few weeks back my friend, Russ Edelman, of Corridor Consulting, Inc., and I were brainstorming ideas for our respective businesses.He told me about blogging for CNBC and offered to introduce me to Gloria McDonough-Taub, the senior editor of  CNBC’s Bullish on Books Blog.

Gloria McDonough-Taub

Russ was certain she and I would immediately connect, which is exactly what happened. Our 5 minute conversation turned into 40; irrespective of     any possible business connection, I definitely wanted to befriend this bright, funny and authentic woman.

What happened? Click here to find out!

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One thought on “Nancy Blogs on Impact! for CNBC

  1. You did it again. I loved this read and I am going to have to order about 4 of your books. One for me and one for each of my employees. Okay – make it 5. One for my mentor as well.

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