Neutral Is A Color, Not A Way Of Life.

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“I’m stuck.”

“I can’t seem to get things moving.”

‘I’m in the exact same place I was last year at this time.”

“My business isn’t growing as fast I’d like it to.”

Sound familiar? Was I channeling you? Or someone you know?

I usually get a frantic phone call or an urgent email when an individual has reached the outer limits of his or her tolerance for pain or boredom. “Nancy, please coach me through this… I just can’t take one more minute of it. I have to move forward.”

A good deal of the time, the person is, indeed stuck. Odd as it sounds, I welcome, (even enjoy), those kinds of calls and emails because, frankly, I love orchestrating the magic of transformation.

But then there are those other situations, (perhaps 25% of the time), when Bob and Joan aren’t really stuck at all—they just think they are.  You might be thinking, “If they are not truly stuck, then why aren’t they moving?

Drum roll……

Just because people take their foot off the brake, doesn’t’ automatically mean that they’ve put it on the accelerator.

There is a universe of difference between the two. Let me explain. When we put our foot on the proverbial brake, some part of our unconscious mind or our ego has made the decision to halt forward movement. You might have unintentionally scared yourself into inertia, you may have ‘sabotaged’ your evolution, or you might have unwittingly thrown an obstacle in your path to slow you down (lest you freak yourself out).

When we fail to put our foot on the accelerator, however, at some level we’ve decided that although we’re not going to create obstructions, we’re not going to fuel the vehicle either… we’ll just meander wherever we’re taken.

Putting a foot on the accelerator of a project, a dream, or an idea requires us to both literally and figuratively relinquish any fantasy that we’re victims of our lives. Taking the initiative is a declaration (to ourselves and the world) that we’re willing to do whatever it takes to turn that potential of ours into performance.

What might this look like in your life?  We’ll take a look at that tomorrow.


1. What’s one area in your life where you appear to be stuck?

2. Ask yourself these questions:

Do I have my foot on the brake?

If so, why would I do that?

Or Is it that I’ve failed to put my foot on the accelerator?

If so, why would I do that?

Ask yourself these questions from a place of “what’s right with me?” not “what’s wrong with me?” (I didn’t even want to print those words).

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