No One Really Cares How Smart You Are

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No one really cares how smart you are.

In fact, the only people who really care about how smart you are, are the same ones who are worried about how smart others think they are.

Intelligence is simply the wrong metric by which to assess people.

Over the course of my twenty-four years of research on how people impact and are impacted by others, I long ago concluded that the overwhelming majority of us primarily care about how we feel in any given situation.

That’s right, our feelings trump our left-brain rational thoughts almost every time.

What we intensely care about is the emotional experience we derive from our interactions with other people, places and things. We are, well beyond what had previously been thought, emotional junkies. And I say that with a twinkle in my eye and smile on my heart.

As human beings we consciously and unconsciously seek out experiences that will make us feel a particular way; whether that emotional experience is positive or negative is actually secondary.

So what do people care about when it comes to you?

NOT how smart you are. Or how rich or how thin. What they care about is how they feel when they’re with you, and how they feel when they think about you. That is both the beginning and the end.

Which brings me to impact. Yours.

The number one thing that people care about is YOUR impact on THEM;
What difference knowing you has made in their lives. Yes, it really is all about us.

Recently I compiled the data from 200 respondents, to the 20-question life assessment I developed for my clients and prospective clients. I analyzed the responses from one specific question, What isn’t working in your life?

185 (93%) of them responded to some variation of one of the following:

1.     How do I make my life more meaningful?

2.     How do I discover my purpose, my mission for my life?

3.     What do I do to make more of a difference?

4.     I’m not using my full potential; what do I do about that?

What’s the common denominator of these questions? What are these people really concerned about? What keeps them up at night?

They’re worried that they’re not having more of a positive impact in the world, and that they’re not going to make a big enough difference during their lifetime.  

They wanted to matter more; to have their lives on earth significantly count. Not one person said they wanted to be younger, wealthier or thinner. (To be sure these things may have been on their lists, just not at the top).

What about you?

Do you want to feel more significant?
Do you want to make more of difference in the world?
Do you want your life to matter where it counts– your impact on others?

Well, I want to help you do just that! I want to help you create a strategy for your life as unique as you are. I want to help you make the best contribution to the world that you possibly can, while getting the most out of your life.

Which is why I created The Impact Principles ™ Webinar, debuting Wednesday, July 17th. It’s absolutely FREE and positively powerful. You can check it out and Register Here.

Now you can stop wondering what would have happened if you’d given your life your all!

‘See you on the webinar’!


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