FEAR: The number one reason you don’t have what you want

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There are a multitude of reasons we fail to turn our brilliant ideas, our intellectual capital into actionable items and bottom line results.

The two biggies are, predictably, fear (90%) and timing (10%). Everyone experiences fear. “Getting It Done” people have the identical fears as the “Talking it to Death” folks. And the quantity of fear doesn’t vary much between the groups either.

I know, I know, all of us have met people who claim to be fearless. My industry is saturated with them. There are dozens of books on the shelves declaring ‘live a fearless life’, ‘have fear no more’, ‘banish fear from your life once and for all’.” Yadda, yadda, yadda & blah, blah, blah!

If someone tells you they don’t have any fear, they are lying to the both of you.

These books were written by people who drank the ‘If I say it positively enough any fool will believe me’ Cool Aid. It is not only impossible to banish fear from your life it is undesirable as well. Doing so, as though that were actually possible, would be akin to taking the batteries out of the smoke detectors in your home.

Fear is an indicator of one of two things: Either there’s a bear running you up a tree in the woods, or you’re experimenting with the stuff you’re made of, with your courage quotient. Regarding the former, congratulations that you’re alive to read this. In the latter, congratulations that you’re willing to pursue your purpose and passion even though you might suffer elevated blood pressure now and again.

Here’s the deal: If you’re alive then, by all means, live!

Fear is part of your path not separate from it.

Probably one of the beliefs most destructive to living your purpose, to finding your passion, to giving yourself permission to have real impact, is that having fear indicates something is wrong. No, no, no, no. That is absolutely NOT the case.

If you’re on purpose you’re going to have fear. As a matter of fact, you can’t be on purpose without it. Why? Because fear is your body’s cue that you’re living large, shifting gears, out of your comfort zone, in your learning zone and, for a change, experiencing a bit of exhilaration. Did you know that your body experiences fear and excitement almost identically? True. Elevated heart beat, sweaty palms, shallow rapid breathing, and dry mouth to name a few.

If you’re committed to living a full, rich, impactful life, things aren’t going to be peaceful, centered and light all the time—you can expect to encounter some fear. Learn to enjoy it or, at the very least, appreciate its function in your life.

Yes, we can all benefit from a positive outlook; yes, we can learn to manage our fears; yes, we can even learn to use our fears productively. But that’s a far different story than the one saying that you shouldn’t have any fear.

Today would be a great day to give up the idea, once and for all, that courageous, powerful, invincible people lack the fear gene. Discarding that thought will make your life infinitely better.

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