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Coaching Raves

"Seven years into working for a high-powered, profitable company I seemingly had achieved success. But year after year... I experienced not enough advancement, not enough visibility, not enough recognition … I brought Nancy onto my team to sort things out. It turns out that my journey was one of self-reflection. Six months later, I have re-assessed my own worth, and changed jobs into something that maps more closely to my personal interests and life passions AND I proactively chose an organization that values me and my work. It is difficult to put a price on feeling gratified in my career, and grateful for the blessings in my life.

I simply cannot recommend working with Nancy highly enough. Nancy’s tough, but loving, style will challenge you through life’s crossroads, and urge growth in ways you never imagined."

Paige Boesen,
"In only three months I have made amazing progress thanks to your keen insights, gentle style, and your direct questions. I always felt supported and challenged to think bigger than I had allowed myself to think. What I learned put me back on track. I improved my relationship...and I corrected the direction of my business. Your insights are worth 10 times what I paid you for your time. Thank you for who you are. You have given me a second chance to make my business even more successful and profitable that it was!"

Jeanette Nyden
Attorney at Law
J. Nyden & Co., Inc.
"When I committed to coaching with you I was at the point of giving up my dream. I was stopped and didn’t know how to move my life forward. Coaching with you was more like I hoped and wanted it to be, and less than I ‘thought’ it would be. You always had my best interest at heart, helped me find the confidence that was inside of me, and showed me how to take my life and business to the next level. Thank you, Nancy!"

Jolin Halstead
Small Business Owner
Napa, CA
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Corporate Raves

"Today was a huge success. I cannot thank you enough for your time and commitment to helping my team reach this milestone! I am very happy with our mission statement and the way each person on the team opened up and really participated in the exercise! I am so proud to have you as a coach and mentor."

Kim Slee
"Thank you again for the seminar you conducted for my team last fall. I was reminded this morning as one of our team members mentioned again the benefits she had realized in both her personal and professional life.

It is surprising and heartwarming to note that the long-term positive benefit is continuing to be realized. Sustainable change is difficult – and your dynamic session brought that to my team."

Jerri Lane
Director of Sales and Marketing
The Westin Seattle
"Our members just raved about Nancy Solomon’s teleseminar session, The Unheard Third, for IACCM’s “Ask the Expert” series. Nancy’s tremendous passion and energy for her work translated into an entertaining, intelligent and inspiring discussion which had great relevance for our members. We received a lot of feedback telling us that they want Nancy back for another session!”

Katherine Kawamoto
VP Research and Advisory Services
International Association for Contract and Commercial Management
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Conference Raves

"The most energized, productive seminar I have ever participated in. I was able to accomplish more than I thought possible."

Rick Russell
"A life-changing experience!"

Lori Vechazone
"A weekend with Nancy is like a year of therapy!"

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Group Coaching Raves

"Your group coaching helped me get rid of the "but" that was holding me back and get off the one I was sitting on."

Lee Mozena
Founder & Principal
Zenith Diversity
"The 12 Weeks to Transformation class gave me the tools and insights to get me back into focus and back on track. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Thank you so much."

Bill King
Gig Harbor, WA
"Nancy’s “12 Weeks to Transformation” group coaching helped me change how I approach every aspect of my life. I’ve discovered that everything I do is an opportunity to share my life’s purpose. I experience a sense of peace and joy in my day to day activities that was often absent before. I find myself sharing with others some of the lessons I learned working with Nancy, so the benefits continue to grow. I’m so grateful to have found Nancy at just the right time."

Sadiaa Robertson
Los Angeles
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Keynote / Presentation Raves

"Nancy Solomon is an absolute “10”. Her keynote was one of the most valuable sessions of our international event, and many of our attendees let us know that her presentation made the event the success it was. Her stage presence is phenomenal; she is smart, witty, relaxed and engaging. When it comes to getting her message across to her audience, Nancy delivers! With just the right mix of research, practical application, and entertainment, she captured the audience’s attention from start to finish and gave them takeaways they're still talking about. I would highly recommend Nancy to speak at your next event; regardless of the size Nancy will keep the audience nodding their heads and asking for more."

Katherine Kawamoto
Vice President Research & Advisory Services
International Association for Contract & Commercial Management
"From the moment she walked onto the stage… Nancy Solomon excited, inspired and awed our audience. She connected with our conference attendees and engaged them on every level. She delivered practical guidance and related sincerely and intuitively to attendees one-on-one in her workshop. She was everything we asked for and more…"

Yolanda Crittenden
Vice President
Leadership Programs/Lead SA North Chamber
"Nancy’s genius is turning potential into performance, hope into happiness, values into value. I’ve seen her transformative work turn people loose to produce powerful results, in life and at work."

Chuck Shelton
Leadership Development Manager
Safeco Insurance
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Media Raves

"Vibrant, witty, outgoing and insightful, Nancy immediately clicked with our customers during her two-hour signing event. Nancy not only promoted and sold a respectable amount of her “Courage of Leadership Window Cards” and CD set – “It’s About the Shoes”, she exhibited sincere empathy with those she talked to and a visible passion to help people to turn their potential into performance.

I am excited about scheduling additional events with Nancy, including book signings, at several of my regional stores in 2008, and adding her titles to store stock when published. The message and the messenger are both timely and top-rate."

Don Shaw
District Marketing Manager
Borders Group Inc.
"Nancy Solomon’s words of wisdom have inspired me to be a better leader, mom and friend. She’s given me the courage to embrace what I once feared, to know my vulnerabilities aren’t weaknesses and to be true to my essence."

Elisa Jaffe
Host/Executive Producer Northwest Afternoon
“Nancy Solomon is my favorite kind of teacher. She doesn’t just tell you what to do. She shows you, by having the courage to overhaul her life and go after her dreams. Entertaining as she is inspiring. Nancy was a delightful guest who’s welcome on my show any time.”

Maureen Anderson
The Career Clinic
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Retreat Raves

"You change their lives - this is about so much more than leadership at work - it is about leadership and self-fulfillment in LIFE. Because these ladies are self-aware and know where they want to be in life now, this translates into such high productivity and confidence at work. You are amazing!!!

Two women in my group recently attended Nancy Solomon’s women. courage. leadership. Retreat and the results I saw were impact-full and immediate. Increased confidence and self-awareness has translated into stronger performance from both. Not only are they realizing their full potential but the organization is getting so much more value from these women who have stepped up to lead in their respective jobs.

I cannot say enough about the impact this has had on these women’s lives both personally and professionally but it is visible everyday in the way they carry themselves and their interactions with me and the rest of the team. The retreat had a huge and lasting impact."

Kim Slee
Microsoft Media Services
"I just finished up my Advanced Retreat with Nancy. Wow! Spot on in empowering us to create a one-year plan on achieving specific goals. I can’t wait to put my words into action! She is really amazing at teaching the soft skills but getting a group of diverse people to document their individualized actions and expected results. I’ve never met a more intuitive leadership coach."

Lori Thalman Pytlik
"I attended… women. courage. leadership. As a lawyer, I was concerned about taking time out of my busy work schedule to attend. I’m so glad I did! I developed valuable insights about where I’d like to be in my life and my business. And, more importantly, since then, I’ve started making a few of the tough decisions needed to get there.”

Stacey L. Romberg
Attorney at Law
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