Conference Testimonials

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"The most energized, productive seminar I have ever participated in. I was able to accomplish more than I thought possible."

Rick Russell
"A life-changing experience!"

Lori Vechazone
"Nancy has helped me cross my bridge… and move on!"

Julie Alley
Small Business Owner
"A weekend with Nancy is like a year of therapy!"

"This… was one of the most enlightening and enjoyable experiences on my path to personal growth."

LaVonne Copps
High Tech Company
"This seminar helped me get rid of the "but" that was holding me back and get off the one I was sitting on."

Lee Mozena
Founder & Principal
Zenith Diversity
"I love Nancy’s no nonsense/ direct approach to people- just what I needed!"

Anne M. Jacks
"Nancy and her ‘Do What You Love’ Conference are amazing! I want more of Nancy. She has made my self-discovery process easy! Thank you! "

Karey Knowles
"Nancy rocks! Her “Do What You Love” workshop was uplifting, motivating, entertaining and illuminating. She helps me realize the possibilities, potential and the results. A great investment!"

Karen Will Johnson
Community Transit
"Thank you for believing in me and forcing me to believe in myself again."

Cynthia Mellinger
Medical Aesthetician
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