Retreat Testimonials

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"You change their lives - this is about so much more than leadership at work - it is about leadership and self-fulfillment in LIFE. Because these ladies are self-aware and know where they want to be in life now, this translates into such high productivity and confidence at work. You are amazing!!!

Two women in my group recently attended Nancy Solomon’s women. courage. leadership. Retreat and the results I saw were impact-full and immediate. Increased confidence and self-awareness has translated into stronger performance from both. Not only are they realizing their full potential but the organization is getting so much more value from these women who have stepped up to lead in their respective jobs.

I cannot say enough about the impact this has had on these women’s lives both personally and professionally but it is visible everyday in the way they carry themselves and their interactions with me and the rest of the team. The retreat had a huge and lasting impact."

Kim Slee
Microsoft Media Services

"I just finished up my Advanced Retreat with Nancy. Wow! Spot on in empowering us to create a one-year plan on achieving specific goals. I can’t wait to put my words into action! She is really amazing at teaching the soft skills but getting a group of diverse people to document their individualized actions and expected results. I’ve never met a more intuitive leadership coach."

Lori Thalman Pytlik
"I attended… women. courage. leadership. As a lawyer, I was concerned about taking time out of my busy work schedule to attend. I’m so glad I did! I developed valuable insights about where I’d like to be in my life and my business. And, more importantly, since then, I’ve started making a few of the tough decisions needed to get there.”

Stacey L. Romberg
Attorney at Law
"Everyone (at Community Transit) is still talking about the magic you created at the retreat… Attending the women. courage. leadership. retreat was a powerful and empowering experience. Your passion and wisdom were felt by our entire group. In addition to being motivating and entertaining, the retreat turned out to be a defining moment in my life. Your gift as a facilitator helped me to identify my personal “purpose”. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I feel so privileged that I had the opportunity to participate in such a truly magical experience."

Bonnie Ginsberg,
Marketing Project Manager
Community Transit
"What is special about Nancy’s retreats is the opportunity to work with her, to be challenged by her, and to learn from the interactions she has with you individually and with others. The retreat experience allowed me to open my heart to the challenges and aspirations of the people around me. Engaging compassion for others in a deep way, Nancy offered a healing and insightful experience that allowed me to re-examine my life and career in a new way."

Tucker Miller
Attorney and Consultant
"I want to thank you for everything you showed me in your class this week. I have never been so inspired to follow my goals, you gave me the tools to take on what I know in my heart is what I want. Never in my life have I been involved with a group of women that truly did get along, they were interested in each other’s feelings and wanted to help. This gave me motivation to take action in my life, perfect timing for me!"

Chantelle Miller
"Nancy Solomon’s Retreat was literally a life changing experience for me! One of the many take always that I received from this retreat is that we are treated as we demand to be treated based on our own actions. It has made me become more aware of how I interact with individuals in all aspects of my life. Nothing I can say can do justice to the value that I received from going to this retreat!"

Rene Page
Senior Program Manager
Microsoft Media Services Customer Experience
"Because of the retreat, I have a better vision of myself from the inside and from the outside, a new direction for my life, and a clear sense of my life's purpose. I gained a sense of the value of the work that I do and of the particular gifts that I bring to my role and the entire organization. I know for certain the value that I bring, I express a confidence that people perceive throughout my group."

Aileen Wrothwell
Communications Manager
MMS Customer Experience
"In attending in Nancy Solomon’s women, courage, leadership retreat, Nancy helped me see that although I had dreamed for decades of a life where I could do what I wanted, when, where and how I wanted, I had never given myself permission to live that lifestyle. Moreover, her “Solomonism,” “Perhaps I’m uncomfortable, not because my vision is too big, but because I’m standing in a place too small,” was just the inspiration I needed to get on with creating a life I love."

Valerie Purnell
Speaker, Seminar and Retreat Leader
"I owe you a real debt of gratitude. I’ve known for a while that I needed to do something like this, but your WCL workshop gave the push I needed to get pas the fear and doubt, and just get started. I am SO much happier now than I was… I’ve been telling people far and wide that I can’t recommend your workshop highly enough. Thank you!"

Sandi Buskirk
"I attended the women. Courage. Leadership workshop at Microsoft earlier this summer and I am a changed women. For the three days immediately following your workshop I was invincible, unstoppable and on top of the world! I said all the right things, at the right times and felt good and strong inside. I wasn’t worried about what others thought nor did I feel the same high level of responsibility and ownership of things beyond my control that I usually do.

Well 2 months later, I don’t always say the right things at the right time and the super woman feeling has subsided. But what has not subsided and has been integrated into my core is rejuvenated excitement about my life and my career and a subtle strength that keeps me grounded day in and day out. I was afraid that all of the wonderful feelings of stability, confidence and comfort that I gained from your workshop would erode, but they have not.

Thank you again Nancy for 2.5 intensive days of wonderful and the core changes and beliefs that you helped me realize."

Jill Keenan
Business Manager, Worldwide Licensing and Pricing
Microsoft Corporation
“This retreat opened my eyes to the leadership opportunities that I have. It’s an unbelievable opportunity to learn how to harness your own power and own it, both in your personal life and professional life. It was great to dispel some of the myths surrounding how women should behave in business. I can’t say enough about this great experience!”

Brandi Maxwell
"It really opened my eyes to a lot of things. I thought it was wonderful how she was able to peel back the layers of our lives to determine why things are the way they are in our lives and how we can go about fixing them or understanding them. It's definitely life changing and motivating."

Chelsea Guelcher
"Personal growth is a dynamic process and I was stuck. I am now un-stuck, and know that I will be better equipped to deal with adverse situations without having my buttons pushed. I definitely recommend Nancy’s program."

CFA Employee
"I would recommend this retreat to any woman who ever wondered who she really is. I am confident now in myself as a leader, I have a clearer vision for my life, and I am on purpose."

CFA Employee
"Nancy’s women. courage. leadership Retreat was instrumental in taking me to the next level in all areas of my life and helping me step into leadership. I bumped into my retreat journal last week and almost everything I am planning was already written down when I attended Nancy’s retreat two years ago. What I find even more remarkable is that I’m still growing off the same retreat years later. I thank Nancy for having the insight and skill to put together such a wonderful retreat for women who have what it takes all bottled up inside of them. Thank you Nancy!"

Bettina Carey
Speaker & Founder
Women in Small Biz
"I wanted to thank you so very much for hosting the women. courage. leadership retreat. I wish I had the words to tell you what this retreat has meant to me. It was an extraordinary three day journey that I was graced to spend with 34 remarkable women. I have every confidence that because of Nancy’s course that I will soar in Microsoft and make a difference in the success of this company that I love so much. Nancy is a remarkable leader and with the gifts she shared with us, Microsoft will certainly be steered differently now by thirty-five powerful women who now have the tools to be extraordinary leaders. Nancy, thank you for helping me learn my purpose. I am bursting with possibilities! You have such a gift. My wish is that more women get to experience you."

Taylor Johnson
"Thank you, thank you, thank you Nancy and Carolyn – this was a life changing experience for me!"

CFA Employee
"At Nancy’s retreat, I learned how to live more consciously. As a result of this, everything in my life has changed: I have created a new job, raises, unexpected income, an awesome apartment, a new card, and have come to realize that I am actually very creative."

Roz Erickson
Account Manager
Hartford Life
"I uncovered who I am and what I really want at Nancy’s retreat. Since then I have improved my professional and personal relationships, created financial abundance, started a career that suites my lifestyle choices, and have a healthier relationship with my body."

Kelly Harrington
Human Resource Professional
"Nancy has an amazing grasp of how to get in touch with your innermost feelings and desires and compassionately works with you toward attaining what you deserve… If you are ready to take a good look at where you are now, and where you want (and deserve) to be in your life, Nancy will guide you there with love, empathy, compassion and some hard work."

Lisa W
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