The 5 Questions We MUST Stop Asking (and why we’re still asking them)

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My dad taught me that.

He’d say “Nan, you can tell how smart a person is not by the answers they have, but by the questions they ask.” Thanks, Dad!

It’s quite obvious that the world, as we’ve known it, is undergoing a major transformation.

It is equally obvious that we are in the midst of the chaos that accompanies all change and transformation. That is the good news. There is no bad news!

Many have pretended not to notice that things have changed, and have stubbornly insisted on asking the same questions and providing the exact same answers over and over again: the comfortable, safe and convenient ones.

The questions we ask MUST change because every aspect of the world is either evolving  or devolving……..and so are we.

In fact, one could draw a solid line from the questions we’re asking directly  to the chaos we’re experiencing as individuals, a nation and a planet.

Obsolete questions engender irrelevant answers. Period.

The questions below, The Old Method Questions, have outlived their usefulness. WHY ARE WE STILL ASKING THESE QUESTIONS? (and can we please stop!)



1.    Do women lead as well as men?

2.    Why do so few women reach the executive rank?

3.    Do I have a life purpose or calling?

4.    Can I rely on my intuitive intelligence?

5.    Can I really do what I love, and get paid what I deserve?

I’ve expanded on the evolution of question-formation and problem solving right here:

The OLD method of asking questions and problem solving:

  1. Perpetuated the very problem we wanted to solve
  2. Assumed others knew more than we do
  3. Started with “why”, to which the response will always begin with an excuse called, “because…”
  4. Was redundant and irrelevant
  5. Kept us stuck right where we were
  6. Can be dis-empowering to both parties

The NEW method of asking a question and problem solving:

  1. Factors in and relies on what you already know ( “Own What You Know”Solomonism #330)
  2. Stimulates vision and forward-thinking
  3. Cultivates innovation and creativity
  4. Inspires individuals, teams, organizations
  5. is Tranformative
  6. Is Empowering to both parties


1.    What do I want leadership to look like, for myself?

a.    How can I be the best leader possible?

2.    Would it serve my best and highest good to become an executive?

a. Why would I want to do this?

b.  If I do, what is my most effective plan to get there?

3.    What is my purpose, in the biggest sense of the word?

4.    What is my intuitive intelligence telling me right now, in this moment, about this situation?

5.    Where can I make my best and highest contribution, and get paid what I deserve?

 Ready to move forward and formulate new questions? Great! I’m right there with you.

REMEMBER THIS: If you’re asking yourself an ‘evolved’, current, timely and relevant question you are not necessarily guaranteed to get an immediate answer. The question itself, however, will open doors and leave you feeling inspired, light, and transformed.

What do you think? What questions are holding you back? What new questions could be asking yourself? Please leave your comments below. I look forward to hearing from you, and responding.

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