The Best Day to Make a Difference

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    Let’s begin with a bit of history…

September 11th

You know exactly where you were when you heard the news. You remember precisely how you felt… how you still feel.

It was the day that the heart of the world cracked open.

Nothing has been the same since. In fact, everything has radically intensified, hasn’t it?  Have you noticed how much more drama there is in life? How life’s polarities  have become more pronounced? How simple events just seem to be more intricate; not necessarily complicated, but more layered, faceted, detailed?

Buried in this unspeakable tragedy was opportunity. Not many saw it, and far fewer took it.

The devastation was, in a peculiar sort of way, an invitation to do things differently; to start over, change focus, live with deliberate intent, re-evaluate goals, love more, and live more authentically.

Many of us needed to recalibrate our entire lives. Most of us didn’t. Until now, that is.

Okay, so I’ll admit it– I include myself in the cohort who saw the door of transformation open on that devastating day, but who chose not to walk through it.

We thought seeing the opening was enough so we let our fears, our doubts, our busy lives and our resistance cloud what we knew, deep in our guts, in our intuitive bodies – just as the world around us needed to have a major transformation, so did we.


The word simultaneously fills us with relief and trepidation. Relief that we’ll finally get to choose something different for ourselves, and trepidation because we have no frigging idea what ‘different’ will look like.

        Fast forward to today:

Each of us is a system, unto itself. We look independent, self-sustaining, contained. But that’s illusion. Indeed, the system that comprises every aspect of our lives is, inextricably, linked to and meshed with the global system, the world’s system.  Scientific research  has repeatedly proven this fact. If ‘it’ is happening out there in the world, you can be assured that the exact same ‘it’ is happening in your life. Ex. Chaos outside = chaos  within.

You can respond to the transformation with fear or with love and the beautiful thing is that, either way, it’s a choice- it’s up to you.

In the past dozen years the issues have escalated, the fear has deepened, and the answers have grown more elusive.

 What is also true is that the opportunity for us to make a big difference in the world, to have a positive impact, has grown exponentially.

TODAY is the optimal time for you to be innovative, creative and proactive in your own life, in the life those you know and, in the world.

The most important time to be authentic, powerful, and intuitive is when events appear to be dismal, and healing distant. You know… like today.

You actually don’t have to ‘do’ much.

You just have be more of who you already are. And if you’re not sure where your greatness lies, who you are authentically, whether your intuition can be trusted, or whether or not you have the ability to make a big difference, just ask the people who love and respect you the most. They already know.

For the next year or so, I’m going to be writing about the major transformation occurring in the world, and how it’s affecting you while you’re affecting it. I’d love your input, so send your ideas my way, and I promise to personally respond.

  • Where, in your life, do you need a transformation?
  • What’s begging to change?
  • When was the last time your goals went in for an overhaul?

It would be great if you’d leave a comment about how you’re dealing with the huge changes in the world, and what that’s calling you to in your own life.

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