The One Line You MUST Cross if You Truly Want to Be Happy

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You’ve probably already noticed that, of late, people are ‘coming out’ in a myriad of ways having nothing to do with their sexual preference.dreamstime_xs_29355340

People are becoming more authentic with us; more transparent with who they are and how they got to this particular place in their lives.

They’re sharing their back-stories, their triumph over defeat, their recovery from addiction or their tale of domestic violence.

We’re hearing stories about every day people who have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

And we’re relieved.

We think to ourselves, “Thank G-d I’m not alone; I’m not the only one who went through a depression or a divorce or a bankruptcy or whatever. Phew!”

Gradually we’re ‘getting it’ about the correlation between who we are in our hearts, and what we do in the world.

Slowly we’re accepting the fact that the line between our heads and our hearts must be blurred if we’re to achieve success, and truly be happy.

Reluctantly we’re letting go of our former definition of success and, with great relief, we’re embracing the idea that it’s our responsibility to define our success for ourselves, outside the traditional money and power model.

Yes, the line between our head and our heart is blurring.

If we’re to be consistently and sustainably happy, we must learn to cross back and forth, between the two. We must learn to do it with ease, trust and faith that, where it counts, we know exactly what we’re doing.

This a very good thing because, historically,  when our lines were blurred it meant that we were confused, lost, directionless or without focus.

Not this time. This line needed to blurred. It needed to be crossed. And you’re the only one who can do it for yourself.

So I leave you with my year-end message:

There is nothing more important than for you to be happy.

There is no feeling more valuable than loving and being loved.

There is no strategy better than believing in yourself.


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4 thoughts on “The One Line You MUST Cross if You Truly Want to Be Happy

  1. That is so true, historically it was all about “Oh, I’m so confused” when you went back and forth between your head and your heart, and we thought the head was supposed to dominate. I’m so glad that’s shifting!

    Happy holidays, Nancy, and much love. xo

  2. Laura, Thanks for commenting! What I’ve discovered is that best practice on this is 1. listen to your heart and follow its directions and only THEN 2. let your head do the work. In other words we need both our heart and our head; if we rely on one to the exclusion of the other, life is more complicated, out of balance and unsatisfying. Have a wonderful holiday and healthy, happy and joyous new year.

  3. Nancy, Thank you for another thoughtful and heartfelt post!

    How wonderful it is to live in a time where I am truly willing to be vulnerable. As I was growing up I was praised for using my head and criticized when I followed my heart. Worse yet, when I followed my heart I made plenty of mistakes to prove that was the wrong way to go. It has taken many years and plenty of failures along the way, to trust my heart, park my ego and get the balance right. It is so worth the effort!

    I love your blog posts and hope you don’t mind my sharing them…they’re way too good not to!

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year filled with lots of happiness, health and joy!

  4. Dyann- Thanks for taking the time and energy to comment. YES! I get it. When people say things like, “She has such a wonderful heart!” or “He’s such a good man” or “She’s so loving to her friends and community,” it’s not usually said with the same acknowledgment or respect as “She donated a wing to the new hospital” or “He owns a billion dollar company.” In truth, these things are just different from one another, however, they’re treated as one being ‘better’ than the another.

    These changing times have become an invitation for us to combine these two visions of success into one. Or, better yet, to invent our own, individual definitions. I anticipate this will make most of us much happier than if we were to remain focused solely on one side of the human equation.

    Keep commenting and, of course, keep sharing– yourself, your heart, your amazing relationship and these blog posts!

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