The Toilet Whisperer

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I live in a ‘mid-century’ home that has never been renovated, which is a euphemism for ‘stuff breaks a lot’ around here.

My children’s toilet, especially, requires a disproportionate amount of my time and attention, as it’s quite ‘delicate.’  Which is another euphemism for ‘it needs to be plunged almost daily.’

Up to here with the plunger, I called our handyman, Don, and told him about my plumbing woes. Even though I had a bit of my New York dander up because I was so frustrated with it, Don listened carefully and responded compassionately.

He assured me that he would take care of the problem and that I shouldn’t worry; just from my description he thought he knew what was going on and, he was fairly certain, it wasn’t a big deal.

Before he hung up, Don said to me, “Nancy, I’m known as the toilet whisperer.” (No one makes this stuff up). Yes, I laughed too!

In that four-minute conversation, Don showed me more about world-class customer service than any book I’d ever read on the subject. How did he do that?
•    He listened with an open mind
•    He had empathy for my situation
•    He problem-solved as he listened
•    He intuitively knew that my frustration was over something much bigger than the toilet (frustration usually is)
•    He assuaged my fears
•    He promised he’d fix it, and he’d do it quickly and for the least amount of money possible

Don came over the very next day to work his magic, and we haven’t had a problem since. Indeed, he is the ‘Toilet Whisperer!’

By far the most worthwhile lesson Don reminded me of was this one:
No matter what you do in your life, you can do it well and you can do it with love.

Don doesn’t think of himself as ‘just a handyman,’ he thinks of himself as being in service, and so he is.

Do you have a whisperer story of your own? I know I’d love to hear it, and I’m sure others would too!

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