There’s Only ONE STEP to Clarity

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Did you hear the one about the woman who fell flat on her face?

Missing a 5-inch step, she broke her left ankle and her right foot, had a conversation with G-d and got her life back!

True story!php8741XMPM

While waiting for the ambulance to arrive she heard a voice say, “You did not break your feet to break your feet.” She claims it was the voice of her inner wisdom, her greater light, G-d.

She didn’t care who or what it was because, in the space of that one moment, she finally knew (in her bones) what she had been trying so hard to figure out over the previous four years.

In a flash, she knew why she’d been stuck and why she’d lacked clarity. She knew why she hadn’t been using her full potential and why she’d felt off-purpose. She even knew where her passion had gone!

It felt like a cosmic joke; although she’d felt stuck before, that was nothing compared to being ‘stuck’ in a wheelchair for three months because she’d been too stubborn to get the message any other way.

So, in a word, what was her ONE STEP TO CLARITY?


Excuses for her clients.
Excuses for her children.
Excuses for her family.
Excuses for herself:

  • I’d write my next book, but….
  • I’d lose the 40 pounds I gained but…
  • I’d _________________, but I’m a single mom with two school age children.

 Yes, the very trait that she most abhorred, avoided and admonished (people making excuses for wasting their potential) had taken up residence in her head and she hadn’t even realized it. Okay, so she realized it, but she excused it anyway.

Her life-altering ah ha, her awakening was the realization that she’d been making excuses
for the way her life looked. The second she saw that, the minute she put down her excuses,
she picked up her power again. Voila! Clarity!

What excuses do YOU use for not getting what you say you want?

  • I’m too old
  • I’m too busy
  • I don’t have the money
  • I don’t have the time
  • ____________________(fill in your own blank)

We make excuses when we feel powerless. We make excuses because being accountable can be far more difficult than those motivational posters let on. We make excuses because being a victim can be so much easier, at least in the short term.

And then, some time later, we get a wake-up call (like breaking our feet, getting fired, having an affair…) and we realize that we’d never really forgotten he truth, and that was why feeling stuck felt so awful!

The word ‘excuse’ is both a noun and a verb. Excuse, the noun, is an explanation for not ‘owning’ our thoughts, deeds, or lives; for not being accountable. (Example: I would have gotten my manager the report on time, but…)

Excuse, the verb, is the justification we give in order to be released from an obligation or duty; so we can remove blame or forgive (I excused him for being late for the meeting because he’s so stressed out).  Just sayin…

What’s the one step YOU need to take to get clarity in YOUR life?

Put down all of your excuses. Today.

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3 thoughts on “There’s Only ONE STEP to Clarity

  1. “You did not break your feet to break your feet.” It’s funny how we tune out (or excuse) certain parts of our lives. I spent a whole lot of time taking care of my head for the past two years, but ignored my body. Now that I’ve got a better bio-feedback loop for that, I’m amazed at how I could have been so accepting of some things as “the truth” or “the norm.” Clarity requires a certain amount of vigilance, although I don’t like making it sound like clarity is hard work. What would you recommend for *sustaining* clarity, or having those wake-up moments without actually breaking a body part?

  2. Laura
    To be clear, one doesn’t start out breaking his/her feet. I received many ‘messages’ over the past four years letting me know that I needed to step things up (no pun intended :). I chose to ignore them and to pay them lip service, and I failed to act. “Choice” is the operative word. You can’t sustain clarity: Like everything else, we need contrast. Without ‘up’, there is no ‘down’. Without ‘right’, there is no ‘left’. Without ‘confusion,’ there is no clarity.

    The dance we do is from love to fear and back again to love, from dark to light and back to dark, and so on…

    I DO NOT recommend you break any body parts, get sick, have an accident or anything else of that nature. I DO recommend that you stay conscious; that you pay attention to your thoughts and look to your results as feedback for what your thoughts must be. The formula looks like this: auto pilot, course correct, auto pilot, course correct.

    You know what you’re doing, now go do it!

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