Today Is The Best Day Ever

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Me: “Hey, how’re you doing today?”

Him: “Great. Just great. I woke up today and, boy, does that beat the hell out of the alternative.” LOL.

This was a recurrent conversation I had over many years with a mentor of mine, Ross Anderson. Hearing his words never failed to get my attention. Every single time I’d think to myself, “Gee, he’s absolutely right, since the alternative is death.”

Some ten years after I first met him, our conversations abruptly stopped. ALS greedily stole his life and, ever since, I’ve felt gypped of the friend, mentor and confidant he’d become.

Ross had it right—no matter what happens today, no matter the scope of your problems, the fear in your mind, the pain in your heart—you woke up today. Which means you still have at least one more day to make things right, and to get more of what you want.

You might desire more love, a promotion, a better relationship, inner peace, joy, a new car, life fulfillment, a new career, more money or increased happiness. The ‘it’ doesn’t matter—that you want to change it does.

You have one more day….

One more day to do something about the things in your life that aren’t working as well as you’d like. One more day to celebrate the glorious things you’ve already accomplished. One more day to learn to love and accept yourself exactly as you are. One more day to turn your potential into performance.

One more day…….

How will you spend it? What choices will you make? On what will you focus? Whom will you forgive? How will you love?

That’s all. And it’s everything.

Live your purpose. Love your life.


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