What Do You Want?

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Imagine, for a moment, that you’re hungry. Your tummy is growling, a headache is galloping toward you, your mood is having more ups and downs than a carnival roller coaster, and the idea of eating is eclipsing all other thoughts.

Imagine, for a moment, that you race into the kitchen, throw open the fridge and devour it’s contents. Indiscriminately you pull food from the cabinets, open cans, pull apart boxes and stuff food into your ravenous body. Forty-five minutes later you are finished; stuffed and bloated, but with little recall as to what you ate or how it tasted. You may be full, but you’re  certainly not satisfied.

Now imagine, for a moment, that it’s another day and you have the identical growl-y, headache-y, emotionally chaotic hunger. Instead of a embarking on a thoughtless binge, however, you stop and ask yourself four of the most important words in any language.

What do I want?

Instead of heading out to the kitchen you stop, go within and ask yourself that life-enhancing question:

What do I want? Your body immediately tells you that it wants a big fresh salad with lots of vegetables, and a piece of salmon on the side. Don’t forget the iced tea!

Only then do you go to the kitchen, carrying with you a vision for what you want, and a specific plan for how to get it. Once you’ve eaten your meal, you feel nourished, satisfied, fulfilled. While the hunger is gone, what has taken it’s place is the knowledge that you made every effort to give yourself what you needed; what would bring you joy and happiness as well as good health. Great job!

Consider this:

When it comes to your career, your relationships, your finances, and your health is your life very busy but unsatisfying, or is it fulfilling and richly rewarding?

When it comes to your life, are you living by default, taking what comes your way, what’s available and convenient, or are you an active and conscious participant in strategically planning how you want it to look and feel?

Are you meandering through your life without direction? Do you have a vision, an understanding of your life purpose and how you’re going to achieve it?

Are you leading your life or are you following it around?

Do you tell yourself that you could have whatever you wanted, if only you knew what that was?

The count in accountable is this:

If you don’t ask yourself what you want, you can count on not getting it. If you don’t stop and ask yourself where you’re headed and why you’re headed there, then your chance of your chances of getting where you want to go are zero, nada, zilch. End of story.

Live your purpose. Love your life.


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