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Nancy D. Solomon Solomonisms Solomonisms are practical words of wisdom created to help you lead, inspire and transform your life, and the lives of everyone you know. They may be witty, empowering, provocative, irreverent, or contemplative. They are always courage inducing, thought producing and growth enhancing. Nancy D. Solomon Solomonisms




Tell your friends about Solomonisms!

Tell your friend about Solomonisms!


“The things you send me make a huge difference: TRUST me, as your e-mails have helped me move forward and pushed myself to better understanding of my skills and talents.. Bless for all you do. Take good care…” – Manuelita Ybarra, Program Analyst, USDOL-Women’s Bureau, Seattle Region 10

“Perfect quote for me, right now, in this moment.” – Tamara

“You always know how to kick me into action….” – Renee

“Yes it is time to step into what was ours all along. So appreciate your wisdom Nancy!” – Audrey

“Thank you Nancy for your gentle reminder” – Dr. Rae

A Peek Behind the Curtain (yes, there is a curtain)
A.K.A. How Solomonisms came to be…

For the woo woo in you…

In the fall of 1982 I took what was to be the first of many trips to Hawaii. Invited by a college friend, I was looking forward to a week of fun, sun and partying.

The universe had something else in mind.

Let me explain. After a zillion hours in the air, we finally landed in Oahu and I burst onto the tarmac in anticipation of the hugs, kisses and squeals of delight I was about to share with my dear friend, Mario.

But that’s not at all what happened. (To be microscopically truthful, to this day I can only tell you what happened, not how it happened.)

There were no kisses, hugs or squeals of delight. These were supplanted by a bizarre sensation that made me feel as though I’d stepped into a soundproof vacuum. At first I thought it was the long flight, the heat, or maybe the airplane food.

There I was, mid-gangway, when my entire world went still, soft, edgeless, yet simultaneously sharp and distinct. (Think: psychedelic experience without the drugs).

To this day, I can still feel the sun shining directly in my eyes, my sunglasses buried in one of the many bags I carried. I can still smell the tuber rose and plumeria that richly hung in the cleanest, freshest air I’d ever smelled. I can still remember feeling suspended in the fragrant air, as though I wasn’t actually carrying the weight of my own body. As if this wasn’t dramatic (and weird) enough, I also had the sensation of being enveloped, almost cuddled, by an opaque fog-like mist.

Next, I dropped to my knees, kissed the ground and, inside my head, heard the words, “Welcome Home!” Only then did I “come back to reality” as it were, and pay attention to the tears that were literally flowing down my face, soaking the collar of my shirt.

This was just about the time that I totally freaked out. Repeat after me: “Woo Woo”. Exactly. And if you think this was bizarre, Imagine how I felt going through it!

There are certain experiences, snippets of time, which are such precious treasures that to abbreviate the summation of them would be a sacrilege. This is one of those times.

Over the following five days I never slept or ate. I wasn’t tired or hungry, in the conventional sense. There were a few nights when I drank my weight in vodka, and smoked cigarette after cigarette deluding myself into thinking that these things would ground me in my body and return me to what I’d always known to be my reality. They did neither. All I got was a headache and really bad breath.

Which brings me to why I’ve decided to share this story with you.

I came to learn that my first steps in the Aloha state were also the first steps in my spiritual journey. This ‘experience’ was my Shakti pat, my spiritual awakening, the conscious beginning of my own enlightenment. Throughout my stay, the voice that welcomed me home was ever present in my life. It invited me, bid me, and seduced me with its promise of peace and tranquility; something I had never experienced before and have only occasionally experienced since.

This voice within me, but not of me, is the voice I have come to call my inner wisdom, my greater light, God, Source, my inner swami, and author of all Solomonisms.

What began with ‘welcome home’ has evolved into whispers of wisdom. This voice continues to speak to me to this day; it leads me through my journey, inspires me to become the most divine version of myself I possibly can, and transforms me in indescribably powerful ways.

What’s more, my inner wisdom helps me to help YOU to lead, inspire, and transform, as well.

Sometimes the Solomonisms I receive are given to me verbatim, while other times I’m shown a picture, a concept, the opening of a doorway or a sliver of inspiration. Quite often I merely sense the words or thoughts as they are revealed to me, and then it becomes my job to give words to this mist.

I admit I’m not always the translator I wish I were, though my talent for it evolves as I walk my path. (Like you, I don’t always volunteer to transform; sometimes I go kicking and screaming, acting like my lowest life form.)

This gift has been given to me and, since that first trip to Hawaii, I have passed it on thousands of times. I hope you will do the same.

You can receive your free Solomonisms five days a week by signing up right here on my website (your information will never, ever be shared) or, ‘Like’ my facebook page and you’ll automatically receive these daily words of wisdom.

Solomonisms will help you find your inner voice, your greater light, your highest wisdom; they will guide you on your path to be the most powerful you that you can be! And that’s something to celebrate!

Much love,


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