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“What’s YOUR life purpose?”

Are you curious to know the #1 question I’m asked over and over and over, year after year after year?

It’s not: How do I find my soul mate?

It’s not: How can I earn more money?

It’s not: What can I do to become more healthy?

And it’s not even: How do I build a more profitable business?

The #1, #2, & #3 most pressing question on people’s minds is this: “What’s my life purpose?

(Believe it or not…. even people who don’t quite understand what a life purpose is, still want to know theirs).

Why are so many people obsessed with discovering their life purpose?

Once you know your life purpose, you’ll know exactly and precisely how to leverage it to create a job or business that’s perfect for YOU (and that pays you exactly what you want to earn).

Knowing (and living) your life purpose dramatically increases your chances for SUCCESS in both your personal and professional life.

Living your life purpose simplifies the most difficult decisions you make every day.

You can actively and immediately use your life purpose to propel you forward in any direction you choose.

When you’re on purpose in your life, you can’t recall whether you’ve spent the day working or playing (and others wonder the same thing).

Knowing your life purpose gives you a specific and clear direction for every segment of your life. It’s like an inner GPS guiding you to the destination of your choice.

What’s YOUR Life Purpose?

Find your life purpose and use it to create your ideal job or business,

while earning what you’re worth and making a difference in the world.

FREE one-hour teleclass

Monday, May 2, 2011 6:30 pm PST / 7:30 pm MST / 8:30 pm CST / 9:30 pm EST

Can’t make the call? No problem! I’m going to record it and, on Friday, you’ll receive an email with a link you can download. So relax: I’ve got you covered!

  • What is ‘life purpose’ (and why you should care)?
  • How knowing your life purpose and unique personal brand will get you that raise you’ve been wishing for.
  • The three steps you must take if you’re going to discover YOUR LIFE PURPOSE.
  • How knowing your life purpose will dramatically increase your SUCCESS.
  • Why your manager knows it’s more urgent than ever for you to be on purpose in your work.

That’s all I needed to read. Sign me up now!

Why has life purpose become such a hot topic?

In this global community of ours, where bigger, better, faster has taken over so many people’s lives, we are searching for something that is uniquely, divinely ours; something that we don’t have to share, and that no one else gets to vote on. Our life purpose is our fingerprint, our impact, the difference we make and our mission for our life.

I want more passion in MY life!!!

Passion does not exist independently. Passion is the result of being on purpose. People who are on purpose live powerfully. Powerful people tend to be prosperous, happy, fulfilled and impactful. Period.

FACT: The degree of passion you feel (or don’t feel) is directly connected to the degree to which you’re on purpose in your life. (There are no exceptions to this rule).

FACT: The more hectic life gets, the less in control you feel, the more vital your life purpose is to your guiding and directing your own success.

FACT: Life is moving at a pace that was inconceivable just a decade ago, which makes it’s way too easy to get swept up in someone else’s vision, and lose sight of your own.

FACT: If you don’t plan your life, someone or something will plan it for you. Is that what you really want?

FACT: You don’t know how long you’ve got, so you might as well make the most of the ride (did I mention that you’re the driver?).

Sign me up now for my FREE Find My Purpose teleclass.

You’ll definitely want to attend this FREE teleclass if:

  • You want to know how to leverage your life purpose to reach your goals and achieve SUCCESS—making a great living doing what you love
  • You’ve ever wondered if you have a special mission in life
  • You’re committed to stop meandering through your life, and you’re ready for clarity and direction
  • You have a burning desire to make a meaningful difference in the world
  • You’re tired of being disappointed or frustrated because you don’t LOVE your work

What are we going to do during our hour together?

First…I’m going to strip away all the nonsense you’ve heard about life purpose, and get you to the truth of what you need to know, and why you need to know it.

Then…You’re going to get some concrete tools that you can use TODAY, (even during the call) to help you discover YOUR life purpose.

After that…You’ll learn exactly and precisely how to leverage your life purpose to create a job or business that’s perfect for YOU (and that pays you exactly what you want to earn).

Furthermore…Before the end of the call you’ll receive a step-by-step formula for making your life easier, more fulfilling, less distracting and more prosperous.

What Did You Come Here to Do & Are You Getting it Done?

Why am I giving away all of my secrets when hundreds of clients have paid me thousands of dollars to reveal the same information? Great question!

The answer is rather simple: Timing.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve devoted my life to helping people positively and powerfully transform their lives. I’ve worked with thousands of people to help them discover their Life Purpose and create their ideal life and work based on their Unique Personal Brand.

Never before, in all of these years, have I ever encountered so many people who are stuck just talking about what they’re going to do one day, and not taking action to get it done.

What can happen when you know your life purpose? Anything you want!

Here are some actual results some of my clients have achieved.

  • This client left a dissatisfying job in IT to pursue her life long passion for writing. Within 2 months of the start of her work with me, she sold her first short story. She is now completing her first novel.
  • Within a year of discovering her life purpose this sales manager created a strategy to leverage her talents, and was promoted to director. Doing so, increased her yearly compensation from $125K to $350K, almost tripling the prior year.
  • The day after she took her first teleclass with me, this manager developed a solid case for a promotion and raise, approached her manager and was awarded $8 K more than she asked for (and she got the promotion).
  • As a senior exec in a global telecom company, my client was earning a high six-figure salary, traveling internationally and living in one of her city’s most exclusive neighborhoods. Desperate to become a mother, together we restructured her entire life while she made some monumental changes to both her inner game and lifestyle. Twenty months from the start of our work together, she became a mom- twice! She has two little angels (a boy and a girl) who she adopted at birth, six months apart.

I’m ready! Sign me up!

People who don’t know (and live) their life purpose tend to be:

– Bored

– Underpaid

– Disengaged

– Frustrated

– Disappointed

– Blaming

– Victims

– Under recognized

– Depressed

– Sad

– Lonely

– Scared

Not knowing your life purpose isn’t fatal. It’s just necessary if you want to earn what you deserve doing something you love. And you’re never too old!

Living on purpose:

– Inspires us

– Makes us feel and act powerfully

– Helps us earn what we deserve

– Leaves time for work and play

– Turns our potential into performance

– Makes life simpler

– Makes decisions easier

– Helps our loved ones live on purpose too

– Helps us to live without regret

What’s YOUR Life Purpose?

Find your life purpose and use it to create your ideal job or business,

while earning what you’re worth and making a difference in the world.

FREE one-hour teleclass

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 5:30 pm PST / 7:30 pm CST / 8:30 pm EST

Can’t make the call? No problem! I’m going to record it and, on Friday, you’ll receive an email with a link you can download. So relax: I’ve got you covered!

Register TODAY!

  • Once you register you’ll receive a confirmation email with the dial-in information. Put this information on your calendar immediately–Block out the time. Tell the world you’re not available. Do this for you. Do this because you want 2011 to your best year ever.
  • We’ll not only send you the dial-in info, but we’ll send you some things to think about so you’re ready for the call. You’ll get another email the day before; just a gentle reminder to stay true to your commitment to yourself.
  • The day before the teleclass we’ll send you a link to download the handout. You’re going to love how easy we make it!
  • And then… an hour before the teleclass we’ll send you one more reminder to put yourself first.
  • Of course, we want you to share this teleclass with the world—you wouldn’t want anyone you know holding back from you, would you? We thought so! Our only request is that they sign up directly through the website so we can be sure to have space for them.
  • Have a question? We love questions! Email us at nancy@nancydsolomon.com and we’ll be back to you with the answer.

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