Congratulations! You’re An UNLeader!

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dreamstime_xs_11577256It started as a whisper, a murmur, a mere hint of a change. A dozen years later, it’s picking up momentum; not yet a revolution or even a movement, but something deeper and more meaningful.

It’s happening one person at a time which makes it inevitable, sustainable and ultimately invaluable. I’m speaking to the subject of how we ‘hold’ leadership (or, more specifically, leaders): How we define it, live it and look for it.

If you read my blog: 5 Questions We MUST Stop Asking (and why we’re still asking them), then you already know my axiom:

“At every given moment we’re either evolving or devolving.”

There are few concepts changing as rapidly and completely as that of leadership. Say, “transformation.” Since leadership is lead by, well, leaders, I’ll pick up there.

At the risk of repeating (and, therefore, reinforcing) stereotypes, the cultural norm for a leader has been a white male, often educated, often wealthy. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know and if you take exception to this, then I’d go so far as to say you’re in denial.

I’m not implying that there aren’t, and haven’t been, many, many successful female leaders– because there have been and there will continue to be, except in much greater numbers. It is just to say that this is the way it’s been. Historically, that is.

The thought bubble of the enlightened reads:

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 9.07.51 PM

What I AM saying is that the white, male trend is OVER;  that whisper is soon to become vociferous, demanding and enduring. Now before you go off getting yourself in a knot about this, I want to let you in on a very poorly kept secret:

You can be ‘for women’ without ‘being against men’.

Team Solomon holds that to be one of our universal tenets.

Leadership is becoming an addition and multiplication equation. Leadership division (as in divisiveness) and subtraction (as in detraction or diminution) is going the way of girdles and leaded gasoline.

So what IS happening?

The arrival of the UNleader.

The UNleader is a brand new breed of leader. He may very well be a she. As a matter of fact, the UNleader

  • Doesn’t necessarily lead from the front of the room
  • Makes the best and highest contributions that come from life purpose
  • May hang out in the laundry room, conference room, lunchroom or boardroom
  • Has no predetermined age, sexual orientation, education, ethnicity, race or religion
  • May be entry-level, mid-level, multilevel or sub-level
  • May be responsible for the P&L or the M&Ms
  • Has a big voice, a soft voice or is still finding her voice
  • Stands for integrity, honesty, trust, transparency and anything else that strikes his/her as being worthwhile
  • Knows that his/her own initials are just plenty, thank you very much
  • Defies description; the more people attempt to define him/her, the more often they’ll be wrong

Are you an UNLeader?

  • Do you inspire others?
  • Create positive impact and transformation?
  • Are you authentic; is being ‘you’ a worthwhile endeavor?
  • Do you trust yourself more often than not?
  • Do you listen to that small still voice within you, and follow its direction (more often than not)?
  • Do you stand for the things that are important to you?
  • Do you lead, whether or not you’re acknowledged for your accomplishments and results?
  • Do you see the leader in others, and do whatever you can to cultivate that quality?

Is this making you smile? Are you humming? Shaking your head? Getting goosebumps? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then let me be the first to congratulate you for having the guts and gumption to be an UNleader.

You’re welcome!

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4 thoughts on “Congratulations! You’re An UNLeader!

  1. Thanks Teawna! Please let me know what other subjects you’d like me to write about! And don’t be shy about posting/sharing this, okay?

  2. I love this one: “May be responsible for the P&L or the M&Ms.” We attach so much importance to certain “time-honored” things. Time to spread that around.

  3. Working with corporations, I long ago discovered the necessity of learning how to speak in acronyms. I now know dozens of dialects. My favorites are ‘chocolate’ and ‘pizza’.

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